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The Self Care Project 2015


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Yes, it is time for another round!


I am still paleo, but I need that push to eliminate the habit of sneaking chocolate after dinner. "Mom, do you smell like chocolate?" my 2.5 y.o asked the other day. "Umm, no?" I said and swallowed the evidence. Chocolate is not a coping mechanism, it has no magical stress relieving powers. I need to remember that.


My biggest challenges?

1.) Sugar. See above. This is a mental thing, but also a question of being to lazy to fix a mini meal if I get hungry at night.


2.) Food cooked by others. We have two great buffées at work. 30% organic food, four warm dishes to choose from,  Spanish tapas and a huge vegetable selection to make salads from. So lunches are not a problem, usually. I do however have some work events that will require me to eat lunch and dinner out, and that can be challenging. My back-up plan is the usual: a purse full of eggs and nuts.



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Day 1: 2015 01 19


Sleep: I woke up with migrane over one eye at 3:30 this morning. I stumbled downstairs with the right eye still closed and took two advil and went back to sleep an hour or so later. I still feel a bit "fuzzy", but not too badly.


Food: I forgot to bring a vegetable with my breakfast tday, so I ended up with 3 eggs and an orange and a handful of grapes from the fruit basket at work. And coffee, of course. :)

Breakfast: 3 eggs, orange, grapes, coffee

Lunch: Roast chicken, big mixed sallad, olive oil and vinegar

Snack: Cashews, dried (non-sugared) cranberries, walnuts while cooking. I went overboard!

Dinner: Cod with sundried tomatoes and lemon over roasted carrots and sweet potato. 2 oranges.


Exercise: 3.2 mi easy run this morning before work. It was dark and rainy, and my route was just a short out and back loop done twice. Nothing exciting, just happy to be out there and get some air and feel my body moving.

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Hey jennor!

Here we go again! I'm not sure how long I'm going to stick with it. I'm thinking I might do it long term. Maybe while Dh is gone. Or until we go on vacation this summer. I'll look at the calendar.

I'm excited to feel better and to get back to being strict with my eating. These last few months have been eye opening. After so much time practicing this way of eating and a clear understanding of how much better I feel when eating this way - the old stress coping habits won out. But I'm here ready to do it again. And that is a win!

I'm taking the whole day off today. Not going shopping (so I have to make do with what's in the house) or moving from the couch. Tomorrow I will start back to usual life tomorrow. That means meals 1 and 2 do not follow the template. Tomorrow.

My goals: 1) feel better - I'm sore, stiff, bloated, and my digestion is off. 2) practice eating well even during stress, especially avoiding snacking 3) fit into my normal clothes and 4) exercise more than I usually do. Continuing to monitor sleep and activity by UP24 band. Will come up with some guidelines for that later.

Day 1

M1: eggs, coffee, cm

M2: oysters, green beans, pecans, banana

M3: ordered from a trusted restaurant. Burger, salad, broccoli, sweet potato, tea

Here's to self care!!!

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Woohoo Almcc, we are back again! I am not sure how long I will keep going either. We are going away for a two week vacation in February (8th to 22d) and I am sure I will want to have some choclate or dessert at some point during that, but otherwise I plan to stay on the plan. My Up24 died this weekend. I am so sad. I still have the warranty, so I will get a new one, but I still miss it. :(


Day 2 2015


Sleep: 8 plus hours! I was tired and went to bed early. I feel refreshed today.


Food: I was so hungry picking the kids up from pre-school yesterday. I just wanted to run into the kitchen and shove food in my face. While cooking I feel face first into a bowl of trail mix my husband made the night before.



Breakfast: Bowl of steamed spinach, 3 eggs, coffee

Lunch: Pork roast, big mixed salad, oil and vinegar, apple. 

Snack: 2 eggs, orange

Snack: 2 big handfuls walnuts and cranberries Completely unnecessary and ended up causing nausea during my run!

Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, bowl of steamed spinach, roasted carrots and sweet potato, Morroccan dipping sauce. No appetite.


Exercise: Doing intervals tonight. I am scared already! :(  ETA: Intervals went well, I really should do that more often. It is acctually kind of fun to run faster paces! 15.6 km so approx 9.7 mi in total.

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I hope your intervals are fabulous. Hard but doable, is that a good way to put it? Sorry to hear about your UP24. That was less than 6 mos, right?

Day 2

M1: eggs, sp, coffee/cm

Snacks: pork rinds banana ACK!

M3:chicken and broccoli

Getting ready to make mayo. Then do some chores and grocery shopping. I'm planning to cook in big batches. When I get tired of something I'll frezze it. And since dh is gone I can eat whatever I want. I also want to add some new recipes to my repertoire.

Last night was ok. Up 4 times to go to the bathroom but felt better this morning. Less bloating! Lol. I'm looking forward to better sleep.

No exercise planned for today. Start back at the gym tomorrow. Woooohooooo!!

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Almcc, they were just that, hard but doable. I run a lot, but always within my comfort zone. It feels really good to push outside of that comfort zone every once in a while and realaze that yes, I can do it! :)


Sleep: Rested! Probably 7.5-ish hours last night. I love the habit of going upstairs after putting the kids to bed. It makes it much easier to respond to my bodies clues on sleep when I am already in bed.



Breakfast: Bowl of steamed spinach, 3 eggs, handful grapes, coffee




Exercise: Rest day!

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jennor - you are an amazing athlete! I have no doubt that they were doable - but I understand about going beyond your comfort zone. My plan this time around is to push myself.

What Moroccan dipping sauce are using?

Yesterday was a mess! I was not ready for the real world. I had meeting and I ran out of time beforehand to eat lunch! Plus nothing was prepared. So I ate pork rinds and a banana. ACK. Not ok. After my meetings last night I went and got a cooked chicken. It was from a place I get rotisserie chicken from and I talked about with them years ago (?) and thought it was compliant. This time I got a prepackaged one. Of course after 2 meals of it I read the ingredients(?) and there's dextrose. Really?? So I guess that's for the dog. I did pick up some lovely compliant nut cheese. And kombucha. So I feel more on top of things (except for the chicken).

Day 3

M1: eggs, salsa, sp, coffee/cm

M2: evil chicken, avo, carrots, green beans

M3: paleo wraps, compliant chicken, lettuce, salsa, avo, nut cheese, tea, kombucha

We are going to New Orleans on 2/18. So I can get a Whole 32 before we go. My plan is to not go crazy but try some traditional food.

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Day 4

M1: eggs, sp, kale, turkey sausage, coffee/cm

M2: turkey, avo, salsa

M3: eggs, sp, kale, sausage, banana, almond butter

My digestion is doing better. My sleep - not so much. But it should settle down in a few days. I just keep getting up to use the bathroom. So I'm not as bloated as I was. :D

I plotted out my meals last night - trying to stay within a food budget. Now I just need to stick to it.

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Day 6&7!!!

Been getting some good sleep. Still working on my digestion - eating lots of kale! And taking natural calm. It's getting better. Starting to feel like I want to move again after Wednesday's killer workout.

Day 6:

M1: sp, kale, turkey, eggs, coffee/cm

M2: turkey, avo, salsa - very small meal should have eaten more because not long after I ate a Lara bar.

M3: ate out again: compliant pork with salsa, guac, nut cheese, paleo wrap, lettuce

Day 7:

M1: sp, kale, eggs, turkey, salsa

M2: pork, nut cheese, lettuce, avo, salsa

Snack: pork rinds, banana

M3: Chicken, carrots, broccoli, mayo, Lara bar

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Day 9!


Rough day.  Definitely felt lots of cravings throughout the day.  Plus did not eat lunch.  Not good at all.  I seem to be running to do whatever anyone asks me to do.  I need to take back my life, my days, and my schedule.


M1: Panera's secret menu breakfast of eggs, avo, tom, and steak

M3: pork, nut cheese, lettuce, guac, wrap, larabar



Here's to good health!

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Way to go Almcc! Day 9 already!


Myself, I am back to day 1. Yes, it's been a rough week. It started to go downhill last Friday when I aws at a work function and was served dinner. After dinner I found out they had interpreted my request for "no milk" (among the other no-nos, of course) as "no lactose". It is a quite common misunderstanding here in Scandinavia, and something I should have been more vigilant with. We were alsoi 1500 people at the dinner, so mistakes are bound to happen. Anyway, I get home discouraged bút ready to start fresh and my little one has the stomach flu... My husband was away Sat-Sun so I was alone with the sick kids and just went into survival mode (not in a good way!). Then older daughter got sick on Sunday night. Then I got sick myself, but not to the extent that I was throwing up, just very nauseaous.


Anyway, today I feel good again so I am starting fresh! I am on a course all day with dinner this evening, but I have requested a compliant meal. Here's to re-starting! :)

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Day 2, whoohoo!


Sleep: finally I have had two good nights with no vomiting kids or nausea myself.


Food: I am still on the course, where we eat all meals together. I forgot my eggs this morning, spo I had to make do with the nuts and fruits served. I was more hungry than usual by lunch. Then lunch contaied several small dishes and a glutenfree roll on a dish. I couldn't eat the roll, so it was a quite small lunch. I amped it up with more fruits. I am ready to go home and eat some real food now! B)


Exercise: This week, sadly none. I look forward to an early run tomorrow morning. I need that!


Plus, weekend, making me unreasonably happy! This was a super interesting week with loads of training and introspection and learnings about myself and management. But also exhausting!


Happy self care and a good weekend! :wub:

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Day 3!

Sleep: pretty good! My husband woke me up at 3am but I went back to sleep fairly easily. I feel like I really need a lot of sleep right now. This week was hard work!

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs, spinach, hot sauce, coffee
Lunch: managed to score a small but compliant salad with grilled chicken at a burger joint. Will probably need to eat something more though.

Added: An egg, an orange, handful of nuts when we got home

Dinner: Salmon, roasted vegetebles, salad plus a fried egg. orange

Exercise: 7.5 mile run. First exercise in over a week. Felt hard but lovely!

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Day 4 (sunday Feb 1st)


Sleep: 8 hours, felt amazing! I have some residual tiredness, so I hope to continue going to bed early.



Breakfast: 3 eggs, steamed spinach, roasted sweet potato, serrano ham, ½ avocado

Lunch: Pulled pork, sweet potato-aubergine hash, spinach

Snack: Almond milk latte, orange

Dinner: Pullerd pork + pulled beef (so much variation! ;) ) roasted root veggies, spinach. An orange


Exercise: 7.5 mi run again. I was pushing a bit harder and it felt *hard* but good. Didn't have time to do a long run, but I need to make that a priority from now on. Marathon training is starting.


I got my Jawbone Up24 replacement. I had missed it! I love to wake up with it as my alarm. It is so soft, and dosen't disturb anyone else in the family. Plus it does challenge me to move more.

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Almcc, how are you doing? Is everything ok?


Day 5 (2015 02 02)


Sleep: 7 hours. Little one had a nightmare at about an hour before my alarm and I didn't fall back to sleep.



Breakfast: 3 eggs, steamed spinach, a few grapes, coffee

Lunch: 1½ burger patties, caramelized onion, big salad, mayo. Handful grapes. 2 cups of tea.



Exercise: I plan to try to hit my 10 000 steps today. Short 1.5 mi run this morning just to get this old body moving without too much creaking and stiffness. I really, really should start doing yoga again. And be better at lifting weights. I am going downhill. I am so stiff in the mornings now compared to just two years ago.

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Not sure what happened with my not posting - I thought I only missed  2 days :rolleyes: - there is no way I can remember my eating for 5 days.  Ack.  It's been compliant - that I know.  So this is day 15.  Woohoo!


Adjusting to dh being away is challenging.  I have been eating ok.  I'm less active that usual.  Did take the dog for a nice walk yesterday! And I'm getting to sleep too late - my quick conversation with dh at 6:30am comes tooo early. And then I cannot get back to sleep.  I'll figure it all out!


Friday I go visit dh.  Will be nice.  I sent him a bunch of necessary food items - coconut milk, curry paste, almond meal - so I can eat well. Still haven't figured out the food shopping there.  But my travel day is very long (12 hrs) and I am trying to figure eating out.  My layover is long enough to eat 2x  :(  :D !!



Glad everyone is over the stomach flu and that you've reconnected with UP24! :wub:  Sounds like work is really interesting!  Were the trainings meant to be introspective?  I love trainings like that but I never got them at work!  creaking - I know that feeling - it is always better when  I'm eating this way.  I ordered a dvd about full body stretching. Have you heard of the The Esmonde Technique?


This week I am going to work on my sleep - in bed by 10.


Happy Day!!

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Wow, day 15, that is great! I am so happy for you!


Traveling days are always hard. I have one coming up next Sunday when we fly to Fuerteventura. I ordered a diabetic meal on the plane, because sometimes I can pick something out of that, like a fruit salad or some veggies. But I am not really counting on it. I plan on bringing hard boiled eggs, bellpepper strips, nuts and dried fruit and probably also some kind of homemade "Lara balls" to tide me over. We leave home at 5 am and I think we arrive at the hotel at around 3 pm. You will be flying too, right? Maybe pack as much as possible of your own food and then hopefully you will find something fun at the airport like sashimi to supplement with?


I am starting to think I cannot get enough sleep right now. I totally agree that mornings come way too soon. Maybe it is this season? I can't wait to see the sun again...


Is spring coming anytime soon for you?

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jennor those are great suggestions! I have never heard of Fuerteventura - where is that? And how long will you be there?


W are having a mild winter. It's 46F right now. The sky is beautiful.  the sun will go down at 6pm and rise at 7:30am.  Looking forward to longer days soon. It is not as short as your days but it's still too short.  :P 

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Almcc, here I think the sun sets at 5pm and rises at 8am now. We have had a mild winter until now, but february is usually when it starts getting really cold. We got snow yesterday and tonight, so it was pretty when I drove to work but also demotivating for my run later today. I'd prefer the roads to be cleared before then, at least.


I forgot to reply to you about the course. Yes, it was ment to be introspective in a way, since it is a "future leader"s-type of program where we have the opportunity to meet and talk to many of the high leaders in the company about leadership and their motivation and careers etc. We also work on finding our stenghts with various psycological models and do dialogue/coaching training and stuff, so pretty different from my regular day-to-day work. The program runs until August, so we are supposed to have time to think about if we want to work towards managing departments/functions, scientific projects or become scientific specialists.   


Fuerteventura is one of the seven Canary Islands, off the north-west coast off Africa. They have been under Portuguese rule, and wasused for sugar cane farming by Spain, and now they belong to Spain. The climate is mild, ranging from 60-80F during the year. It is a very popular tourist area for Europeans. The islands vary a great deal in climate, from Teneriffe and La Gomera which are quite green and lush, to Fuerteventura which is dry and windy but great for sports. The place we go to is a sports resort which have a lot of classes like spinning, aerobics, x-fit, yoga and a big gym, as well as running and biking trails, a big lap pool, tennis courts and tons of other stuff to do. They also have pools, playgrounds and all other relaxation things needed for a nice vacation. We have been going there for the past 5 years or so, just to get a break form the winter, train hard and spend time together as a family. I am not a big fan of winter, so I usually take a short holiday during the summer and then go away for two weeks during the winter. With that to look forward to I can survive the dark and the cold! :)


Day 6 2015 02 03


Sleep: I woke up before my alarm today. Not sure if I was really rested or if it was just the habit. Anyway, it felt good.



Breakfast: 3 eggs, bowl of steamed spinach, a brazil nut, coffee

Lunch: Sesame "breaded" fried chicken, big bowl of mixed salad, olive oil dressing

Snack: A nut and dried fruit bar. (Kind of like a lara bar but with bigger pieces of seeds and nuts) 

Dinner: Tuna salad with olive oil dressing.


I have been better with not snacking in the evening. After dinner I kind of declare the kitchen closed in my mind and then I brush my teeth and go upstairs when we put the kids to bed.


Exercise: I didn't hit 10 000 steps yesterday. Trying again today! I plan on going for a arun after work, but with all the snow I am hesitant. We'll see...

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Day 7 2015 02 04


Sleep: I was really sleepy last night and went to bed on time, so feeling pretty good this morning. I woke up at 5 without problem. 7 hours 21 min



Breakfast: 3 eggs, bowl of steamed spinach, coffee

Lunch: Fish cakes, big salad in all colors, piece of white potato, olive oil dressing

Snack: clementine and a few grapes (hungry at work!)

Dinner: Pulled pork, hash w/ sweet potato, aubergine and leek, steamed spinach, oven roasted tomatoes w/ garlic Handful mullberries and blueberries.


Exercise: 4 mi run around the park this morning. It felt good to be moving again.

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Day 8 2015 02 05


I can't belive it is day 8 already! I feel good. I have been focused on a) sleeping enough B) not snacking mindlessly. Especially the snacking I used to be really bad at. I'd be working in the afternoon and just routinely get up to get fruits at least twice. Now I try to drink tea instead, and also actually allow myself to get hungry. For some reason I have this fear of that I will get really hungry and that is just stupid. Getting hungry before eating again won't kill me. I don't need to constantly snack "just in case" there is no food ever again, or out of boredom or for relaxation.


Sleep: I was sleepy when my Up24 woke me up at 4:55, but feel fine now. Just 3 more early wake-ups before vacation! 7h 5 min



Breakfast: 3 eggs, steamed spinach, coffee, fish oil caps

Lunch: Beef chili, harissa, roasted butternut squash, big salad

Dinner: Pulled pork, roadted parsnips and sewwt potato, big salad, Lara-type fruit and nut bar


Exercise: 6.4 mi this morning. As much as it sucks to get out there at 5:15am, it is definately worth it! I love getting back home and heading into work with the exercise endorfines pumping and a good feeling of accomplishment. That sets the mood for the rest of my day. I also love picking the kids up after work and knowing that we can just enjoy sofa-time together the rest of the evening because I already got my run in! :)

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Day 9! 2015 02 06


Last day of work before vacation!


Sleep: Around 7 hours, maybe 7.5? I woke up a few times thinking I had missed my alarm.



Breakfast: 3 eggs, 2 manadrin oranges, coffee. (All out of portable vegetables, I miss my steamed spinach!)




Exercise: 4.1 mi before leaving for work. A bit faster than I used to run. I could hope it is because I am suddenly getting faster but most likely it is just because my mileage has been lower the past few weeks. ;)


Happy Friday!

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