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My Whole30 Success Story!


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Hello everyone, 


I am absolutely ecstatic to by writing this entry today, as I can finally say that I completed the Whole30 challenge! My journey started long before January 1 2015, I actually started my first Whole30 in February 2014 but fell pregnant and was unable to continue. The food aversions hit so fast and furious that it was impossible for me to continue. I know many people would probably have powered through, but this was my fifth pregnancy and I was really hoping that it would be my first successful one (yes, you read that right, four miscarriages in a row). I already had enough stress with the actual pregnancy, I didn't need to put myself under more stress with my diet (EVERYTHING made me sick, it was awful). I was really disappointed that I couldn't continue, but I made a vow to myself that once food started tasting good again, I would be right back at it.


Fortunately I gave birth to a healthy baby boy in October 2014 and I couldn't be more thrilled with him. I didn't gain a ton of weight in the pregnancy (around 20 lbs) and lost it quickly, however I was still carrying around what I called 'miscarriage weight', the 15 lbs that mysteriously crept on right after my last miscarriage that I couldn't shake off no matter how hard I exercised and dieted. So after heartily enjoying the foods and drinks I was denied during my pregnancy for a few months (I really missed my red wine and blue cheese!), I vowed to start the new year on the right foot and head into the Whole30 on New Years day. 


I am very pleased with my results! I am less foggy during the day, despite taking care of an infant day in and day out. My IBS symptoms have completely cleared up. Food tastes FANTASTIC and I love cooking the wonderful gourmet meals from my favourite paleo cookbooks and blogs (Well Fed, Nom Nom Paleo, and Everyday Paleo are my favourites right now). I have lost weight, 7.2 lbs to be exact. And this was mostly done through diet and not exercise. I am slowly returning to exercise at 14 weeks post partum due to a sever tear while giving birth, so my ability to exercise is severely compromised right now, but slowly getting better with patience and physiotherapy. 


Now, I have a small confession to make at this point - Day 31 (yesterday) was a serious off roading day diet wise. The end result is that I feel just awful today. I feel like this was necessary in order to reinforce how much better I feel eating whole foods and how unnecessary wine, chocolate, and even my formerly beloved cheese are to my diet and health. 


Whole 30 round 2 starts today, and I am sooooo ready, and it's going to last much longer than 30 days!


Final Stats:


Weight - Day 1: 147 lbs  Day 31: 139.8 lbs   -7.2 lbs

Full Bust - Day 1: 38 inches   Day 31: 36 inches - 2 inches

Natural Waist - Day 1: 29 inches   Day 31: 27.5 inches -1.5 inches

Belly Button - Day 1: 32 inches   Day 31: 30.5 inches  -1.5 inches

Hips - Day 1: 39.5 inches  Day 31: 38.75 inches   -0.75 inches

Thigh (both) - Day 1: 23 inches  Day 31: 22 inches - 2 inches (one from each leg)


Please excuse the crappy photo, I hope it illustrates the progress I've made so far. post-40685-0-61538500-1422819727_thumb.j

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