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Whole30 + Athletic Gains?


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I'm new to Whole30 and currently on day 6. Loving it so far! Everything's been going well and I've had very few symptoms (though I was super tired and hit Naptown on day 5). I'm a relatively healthy eater and active so I'm assuming that's helped my transition phase. I'm also giving myself some leeway about workouts during the first 2 weeks of my whole30 ie. if my body feels genuinely tired or tanked, I won't force a workout. So far, so good - no leeway needed.


I feel a little awkward defining myself as an athlete. I guess I prefer to think of myself as someone who has an athletic attitude - someone who trains with focus, committment and mind/body awareness. For me it's less about the specific quantitative numbers and more about attitude, learning and frankly, fun. But here's my question:


I don't do CF but I do weight train 3x week...and also run 2-3x week (60-75 mins each), rock climb 1-2x week (90 mins each) and do yoga/pilates 1x week. I was hoping to start a more intense lifting regime. I've been in maintenance mode with my lifting for several years and want to start pushing a little harder and hopefully set some new PRs...around week 3 of my whole30. Good idea? Terrible idea? Should I just wait until I'm on the other side of whole30? Focus on one movement instead of all of them?  :)


I'm in my mid-40s and *hate* to think that my best days are behind me. This is a handful of my current/maintenance loads, 3 sets, 10 reps each. I'd like to crush each one of these.


Flat Bench - 105

Decline Bench - 110

Incline Bench - 100

Barbell Squat - 135

Deadlift - 135





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Keep doing what you're doing, Whole30 will definitely support your efforts, especially since you're waiting 'til week 3 to really ramp it up.  Have an extra sweet potato on your workout days if you feel like you're flagging.

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