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Day 5 slip

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Hi All,


I live in Australia and get my daily newsletter at the end of the day. Shame, Day 5 covered adult beverages - and I read it just after I had 2 ciders...


I know it was my own decision and nobody forced me to eat, but my question now is: Do I start with Day 1 again, or dismiss the wrong choice and continue (maybe extend to 35 days?) I am actually proud of myself that I withstood the urge to have another one at the bar when I got back to the hotel and I am withstanding the tempting mini bar in my room (alcohol, chips, nuts, chocolate and all) - so I am celebrating this little win.


How do I continue? Thanks heaps :)

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Here's the tough love: someone who doesn't know alcohol isn't on the menu during a whole30 has not studied the rules at all. You success on this program depends on actually doing the program, so you gotta gotta gotta read through all the rules and understand them. Don't do this half-way, when you can do the real thing (and I know you can).  :)


Chris posted the rules, here are a couple other important resources:




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