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fat loss without exercise?


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If you have lots to lose, ya, it can happen. Eating "to satiety" can be tricky since most of us have spent years overriding that signal. But in general, when people cut out processed foods, convenience foods, dairy, sugar, and other calorically-dense foods, they don't often automatically replace them with the same amount of compliant foods, and so they can end up losing weight without meaning to. That's what the template is for, and the no snacking guide/ine --- to guide each person to the right-sized meals for their bodies and activity levels.

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My opinion: Weight loss happens in the kitchen; getting stronger/leaner/fitter happens when you work out. The former = what you put inside your body. The latter = the forces you put upon your body. Are the two related? Yes and you of course get optimal results if you do both. But you can lose weight without exercising. Similarly, you can be relatively fit (or healthier) while still being overweight.

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It's entirely possible for there to be minimal shift on the scale but visible changes in inches. But I think that everyone's reaction to whole 30 is unique - based on their current weight/metabolism/fitness/lifestyle/diet. Some people will have consistent changes (both on the scale and in inches) and some will have more in one group vs another. It truly is about you and flushing out the junk in your system and re-aligning the body's function and appetite. So it's entirely possible for fat loss (and of course muscle loss) on whole 30, without exercising. But it's a better combination to do both.

Personally, I lose both weight and fat/inches, but I've never tried just changing my diet. Working out for me is both a physical outlet as well as being much-needed mental "me time". :) But I'm curious how effective one strategy is vs the other...or the combination of both.

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I get what you are saying about weight loss, but I specifically wrote fat loss. I got the impression from other posts that people seemed to lose in inches and body fat percentage without losing weight. I never thought that was possible without exercise.


If you have significant weight loss requirements, yes it is possible.  If you maintain a calorie deficit too long your body will turn to muscles for fuel, when that happens you are damaging your health.  That said, I believe in the concept of small changes, and Whole30 is a major shift for most people.  It's going to take a lot of planning and mental effort to stay the course.  Focus on one thing at a time.  If you are totally sedentary try adding a small leisurely walk, you'll be amazed what it does for you soul!

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Yes "fat loss" in entirely possible while doing little to no exercise.  And while eating carb dense veggies too.


You see I injured myself a while back - hip and knee are pretty badly worn out.  And I'm only 38.  The wear is as bad as that of a 65 - 70 year old woman.  I have no idea why although I suspect it has to do a lot with poor diet choices from my past just caught up to me.  The most activity I do is walk 5k (2 to 3 days a week).  I am slowly trying incorporate some bodyweight exercises to see how my hip reacts. 


That all being said - I lost 35lbs.  Now I would have to say that I gained muscle mass too - my body just likes being fed this way.  Years ago I did a calorie type restriction diet in which I consumed between 900 and 1200 calories a day.  Which was far to little for me. (I'm rather naturally a "large woman" - I'm built like a Viking) Yes I lost a lot of weight but I lost a ton of muscle mass as well.  Parts of me actually look leaner now (and I weigh heavier) than I did back then. 

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