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Breakfast timing and digestion health

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Hi there,


My husband and I are on Day 10 of our first Whole30, and I am absolutely loving it!  I started because I needed to have better control over my overactive sweet tooth, and my husband needed to address some digestion issues.  So far, my body is really thriving from this way of eating, but my husband is struggling a bit in a couple areas...


1. Breakfast.  He just isn't hungry.  He never has been a big breakfast eater, and he used to just make a fruit smoothie or grab something on his way to work (usually a something without protein, if you know what I mean.)  I remember reading that if you're not hungry when you wake up in the morning, it's not a good sign.  For the first week of our Whole30, he's been dutifully eating the breakfast I make for him (usually 3 eggs, veggies and some fruit and tea), but yesterday he was in a rush so he took it to go and didn't eat until noon!  And then he said he actually felt better eating later.  i know you're supposed to eat within an hour of waking...


2.  Constipation.  My husband has always struggled with regular elimination and proper digestion, so the feeling of being "backed-up," as he describes it, isn't anything new.  I'm hoping that a full month of this will help with that, but right now I just want him to feel better.  During meals, he says he's hungry and wants to eat but that it feels like there's no where for the food to go, so he doesn't really feel satisfied.  


He's obviously going through withdrawal, too, from the typical things we crave like sweets, bread, dairy, etc, which I know will pass.  For reference: He's 33, not really overweight or underweight,  and he has a pretty fast metabolism even though these days he's not as active as he'd like to be. I know that most people struggle through the first 2 weeks and that usually by the beginning of the 3rd week start to feel much better, but I would love some helpful advice for getting him to that point.  



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Hey, sorry that hubby is feeling some of the transition symptoms!


Lack of appetite, especially within an hour of waking, is a high sign that your hormones are out of whack.  It is critically important that he eat a full template breakfast within an hour of waking.  He may have "felt better" not eating the other day but probably more out of familiarity than internal healthfulness, I suspect.  


The constipation can be a problem for folks who were not used to eating a lot of veggies previously.  He should drink a lot of water (1/2 ounce per pound of bodyweight) and can try a magnesium supplement like natural calm (unsweetened) as that can help with elimination also.


If you are cooking/serving your husband, make sure that you are giving him portions of food as they relate to HIS palm and thumb size.  The template is linked in my signature below if you want to review it again.

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ladyshanny, thanks so much for your advice.  I'm sorry for the delay in replying to it... I wasn't aware that I had any replies to my post!  Thankfully, the hubs is doing much better (we are on day 23) and going strong!  He struggled through that second week, but by the end of it he was talking about how much better he was feeling overall.  


Thanks so much! 

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