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After Work Out protein Shake


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Without substituting the 3 meals per day Can I have a protein shake made of...


3 eggs

1 banana

spoon of 100% cocoa

1/2 can of coconut mil

dash of cinnamon 

Blend it all and use it as after work out protein shake.


Thanks, Lourdes

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Liquid food is discouraged because it does not send any sort of satiety signal to your body. Your body also processes the nutrients differently than if you just ate the components seperately.

Second, adding cocoa to anything sweet (like bananas or coconut milk) is against the rules for using cocoa. If you want to use cocoa for a savoury spice in chili or on a pot roast, no troubles. Using it in a sweet way is not permitted.

Try eating real food post workout. Lean protein and some starchy veggie. Liquid food is discouraged.

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Also, this is an awful post-workout meal. It is all wrong for post-workout food. Eggs include a lot of fat. It is good fat, but post-workout food should be lean protein. The coconut milk is fat, which again is not what you want after exercise. Fruit is an awful post-workout food because it replenishes liver glycogen preferentially and not muscle glycogen. So aside the fact that this is a liquid food that flows through your system too fast and a dessert-type tease, it is not the nutrition you need to really feed hungry muscles. 

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