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Whole30 - Round Two - Hard Core

Susan Swails

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I did a Whole60 back in the fall of 2014, and then when the holidays came around, I made some bad decisions.  My doctor is requesting that I do Whole365 to help with the myriad of health ailments I have including morbid obesity and diabetes.  She is the one who ordered me on Whole30 last fall.  Honestly, I feel tremendously better on Whole30, but this second time starting is harder than the first time.  I am wearing my "angry eyes" 24/7, and the desire to punch someone in the face is stronger than ever.  I am also extremely fatigued, have a Sugar Dragon breathing on my neck, and this is only DAY THREE!  I have an overwhelming sense of "WTF" am I doing?


One thing that is keeping me going is that when I went to a specialty store to buy ghee yesterday, the guy at the counter asked me if I had ever used it before, and I replied that I hadn't.  I mentioned that I was on Whole30, and his remark was, "Wow, Whole30 is hard core."  Yeah, I liked that.  Being "hard core" is motivating me each morning.  So, I will deal with the anger, slay the dragon, and sleep 12 full hours.


Just call me Susan "Hard Core" Swails.

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I wish you all the best of luck in taking on the Whole30.  There is, however, no such thing as the Whole365.  There's the Whole30 and its 30 days of  guidelines and then there's what comes after; you taking responsibility for your choices, learning how foods affect you, determining what, if any changes you need to make.  We're not static human beings and what works for you right now may need to be tweaked or edited a year from now.  


I'm not trying to discourage you because wanting to improve your health and make lasting change is an amazing and respectable endeavour.  But are you truly and 100% serious that for one entire year, you will not use bottled lemon juice with sulphites in it, commercial ketchup with sugar in it, a small piece of sweets on your birthday, a glass of wine at Christmas?  You won't go to a restaurant and make the best choices you can but turn a blind eye to the honey in the marinade or a smattering of parmesan on the salad? Be honest.  


The point is, there is not supposed to be a Whole365.  Do your Whole30, even extend it to a Whole60 to really cement your habits.  But then do proper reintroduction and make a WholeSusan for the rest of your life.  


You might also want to check this new (and rather timely, I do say) article by Dallas Hartwig which speaks directly to this.  http://whole30.com/2015/05/whole30-learning-tool/


Knowing that this isn't for the next 365 days might help take your "angry eyes" off.  I think I would be pretty angry myself if someone told me that all my decisions about food had been made for me and for the next year.  I eat within a Whole30 framework 97% of the time in my regular life and it's simple to do...because it's my decision to do so.  

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Lady Shanny,  that was beautiful.   So is Dallas' article.  


When I began a year ago, I thought I could do a Whole 365.   After you do any kind of a reintro, that goes out the window. Reintro testing with one smidge of bread crust or a taste of dairy and your Whole 30 is over.  It's on the cutting room floor. 


The Head Reset is just as important as the 30 Day Food Reset.  It may take alot longer for the head reset but you can work on that as you ride along on your bicycle.  Riding my bike meant creating my own maintenance strategy that would take me into the future without rebound weight gain.

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