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Hengstenberg Walnut Vinegar


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Do you think this vinegar is compliant? I'm confused about the barley, which would be a grain, but since it's only the flavor it might be ok. What do you think? 



White wine vinegar, natural walnut flavoring with other natural flavors (with barley), antioxidants, potassium metabisulfite.

6% acid, naturally fermented.


Nutritional information per 100 ml

Energy 89 kJ / 21 kcal

Fat 0.0 g

   of which saturates 0.0 g

Carbohydrates 0.1 g

   of which sugars 0.1g

Protein 0.0 g

Salt 0.0 g


"Made of white wine vinegar and natural walnut aroma, this vinegar refines all fresh salads, such as Lamb's lettuce or fine soups with its incomparable taste.

Tip: Use Hengstberg walnut vinegar also in the preparation of spicy dips."

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I'll defer to the mods for a final ruling, but since barley is a gluten-containing grain, I would say this one is out just like malt vinegar. I believe that the potassium metabisulfite is also an issue due to the no sulfites requirement.

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This isn't compliant. I'm actually not sure about the barley flavor, although I think that would be off limits too, but what makes this definitely not compliant is the potassium metabisulfite, which falls under the no sulfites rule.


This can get a little confusing with vinegar, because vinegars can have naturally occurring sulfites, which are okay -- those vinegars will list their ingredients, and then somewhere on the label say "contains sulfites" or "contains naturally occurring sulfites."  Any sulfite of any kind listed in the ingredients mean they were added to the vinegar, and those are not okay.

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Just to add to what Shannon said from what I've been told re my son's allergies if the word barley is used in the label then the flavouring is derived from the barley grain & therefore it contains gluten, which would be another reason to avoid it.


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