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Day 19-and question about restart and veggie question

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So I am on day 19 and have been doing amazing.  I got a Fit Bit the night before starting and it is amazing to see the decline in 2 weeks of my resting heart rate.  I think I lost a few pounds but starting day 22, I feel like my pants were tighter.  But that is okay, because I didn't go into Whole 30 to lose weight as my only goal and know weight should come off at a lower pace. 


My husband, who is not doing a Whole30, has kind of joined in.  He likes the food I make for the week (he works from home and loves this concept), while I pack a breakfast and lunch.  I have tons of support at work from 2 people who have done a Whole30 and one who still eats Paleo.  I share this knowledge with him and it makes sense. 


And I LOVE cooking and love all the recipes out there.  I went through a very minor headache around Day 5, have been able to get off the black cohash (perimenopause-hot flashes), and I miss wine here and there but not a big deal.  I had a hard time cutting back on fruit because in the summer, I eat a lot of seasonal fruit.  But now, I don't eat that much.  I seriously do not plan to change this way of eating after next Monday. 


I'm reading "It starts with food" everyday as well as articles from here and other paleo sites.  I do look at this as a way of life.  I can certainly see the psychological effects food has and changing how you eat is not just about the physical cravings, but also the emotional.  I have corrected my husband if asked, it's not that I can't eat something, it is because I just don't eat certain things. 


So why am I posting in a problem section you may ask?


I forgot my food to take to work on Friday.  I went to our cafeteria, ordered a 3 egg omelete, cooked in olive oil (the best he could do), with spinach, mushroom, onion, and tomato.  I orderd a half of an avocado.  Right when I was done, I noticed something that was stringy.  It's been bugging me all weekend that there was some cheese in that omelete that may have spilled over from the bin he grabbed the veggies from.  


So would this qualify as a reset?    This is more of a competitive thing with me.  I want to be able to say I did a Whole 30!  I celebrated my anniversary this past weekend and didn't have a drop of wine.  I have my inlaws coming into town this Thursday and we plan on a 5 hour road trip to his brother's house this weekend.  That is not even stressing me out!  This small amount of cheese is though.


And veggies.


Anything that has seeds is technically a fruit.  Cucumbers, eggplant, bell peppers, avocados, squash, etc.  When you say to limit fruits overall, does it include these too? 


Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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Hi Rae,


Check out the "Do I Have To Start Over" article linked below.  Dairy can be a huge gut disruptor so while it is super irritating that maybe you might've broken your reset at this late stage, understand that at the heart this is an elimination program and you really do need 30 clean days.  It is, of course, always your choice what you do, take a read of the article and then let us know.  The other thing you could do is end your Whole30-proper at the 30th day and then continue on excluding all sources of dairy until you reach 30 dairy free days so that you do have a clean slate for dairy reintro also.


As far as the fruit recommendation goes, we are mostly referring to the things that the majority identify as fruits (apples, oranges, berries etc).  The veggies-with-seeds are unlimited as we categorize them as vegetables.  :)

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Let's start with the "limit fruit" recommendation. Basically, if you are having fruit twice a day, you are ok, if you are eating it with your meal (not alone as a snack).


In the summer, if you would like, you can eat more fruit as it is available seasonally. You don't want it to push veggies off your plate, but other than that, enjoy nature's bounty.


Regarding the "cheese" -- are you certain it was cheese? Are you certain it was in your omelet, or was it maybe just on the plate?

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Thank you so much.


Today, I asked the grill guy today at lunch (meeting someone in the cafetaria with my beautiful lunch salad!).  He apologized and said he probably undercooked it a little as he was worried about overcooking the spinach. 


I sauteed some spinach tonight a little longer than I normally do and it was rather stringy.  So that is good, I probably didn't eat it!  I had read that article and the message boards but it seems like it was a small amount when I noticed it and movcut off that part of the omelet.  I did not normally eat dairy pre-whole 30 unless it was a greek yogurt, blue cheese and feta and that was pretty light handed.  I found the runny cheeses always made me feel like I had a big brick in my stomach.  So saying no to dairy another 21 days isn't that big of a deal.


And yay on the veggies!  And fruits.  I am loving that ginger dressing from Well Fed wtih veggies.  And red/yellow bell pepper and sweet potatoes have become so much more sweeter to me.  Today, I only had an apple...called a lemonade apple from this speciality grocery store.  I do make sure I eat a fat, protein and veggie every meal but have been getting pretty full fast and not havging room or desire for a desert!  And some mornings, after not having a starchy veggie, I have very little appetite. 


I plan on continuing this way of eating.  I don't have a lot of things I am avoidiong now that I would really want on regular basis.  Except a little glass of wine here or there.  I am very excited to see how the wine tastes on my changed taste buds.  And I cannot wait to taste these paleo chocolate banana pancakes!  And fried plaintains in ghee (avoiding those because to me, they are a desert trigger.)


Thanks again!

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