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I struggled really hard with the first couple weeks with Whole 30 (probably because the way I ate up until it). But by the 30th day the cravings were gone! The sugar from the fruit was good enough. I lost 11 pounds and 5 inches!! I looked better, but didn't feel that much better (I never got that energy back that I did on my first whole 30). Now my Husband has come back from a month long work trip and I am wanting to spend time with him. We have gone out to eat 3 times in a week....and nothing good. I ate velvetta mac and cheese for dinner last night with ben and jerrys for dessert. What do I do?! I don't want to fall back into my old ways all the way. It seems so hard to want to have a night on the town and not want to How do I stop this before it gets to deep and enjoy life!!!!!

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It can be really hard to get back on track after several days off, but the only way to do it is to commit to eating right. Don't commit to 30 days if you don't think you can do it right now, but commit to something. Take it a meal at a time. For each meal, say, for this meal, I am choosing to have W30 compliant foods. If I decide I don't want to do that at my next meal, ok, but for this meal, I will be compliant. And if there is a meal that you do in fact choose to have non-compliant foods, that's okay -- you're an adult, you get to choose what you eat and whether a meal is worth it to you.


It will probably be easier if you relax some of the rules -- not to the point of having ice cream necessarily, but if you go out to eat and order a salad and you have the salad dressing that you know has sugar in it, or if there's some cheese on it (assuming you're not lactose intolerant or something that causes you to have a bad reaction to cheese), that's okay. If a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store that has sugar or something non-compliant in it makes it easier for you to not fall back into the habit of eating mac & cheese, then get the rotisserie chicken. 


You might find this article about riding your own bike helpful, and the Guide to Nutritional Off Roading can help you decide what's worth it and what isn't.

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