Improving Fibromyalgia pain, soreness after exercise

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I'm on Day 23 of my Whole30 and things are going well.  I have seen changes in three areas so far.  First, I have more energy than I've had in ages!  It lasts all day and improves my life in so many ways (I get more done, I feel better about my life because I'm more productive, I feel less overwhelmed, my more positive mood leads to having more fun, I have the energy to make dinner!) Second, I don't have any achy spots or all over body aches from the fibro.  I got my period about a week ago and did have some fibro pain for a couple of days. The contrast was distinct.  Third, I've lost a little weight.  My clothes fit better.  I wish it were more but I'll stick with the plan hope it continues.


The other goal I had for the Whole30 was to improve my exercise recovery.  Specifically, whenever I exercise my muscles get sore and tight very easily.  It's fine line between doing enough to gain a benefit and not doing too much.  When I cross that line, it can take days for the soreness to go away.  My whole body hurts at times.  I can live with a sore muscle or two, the other issue though is that I'm hypermobile and the tight muscles become a problem because they pull my bones out of alignment (in my SI joint or my thoracic vertebrae for example).  So far the Whole30 has not improved these symptoms.


My question is might I still see improvement in these symptoms in the last week?  Or in another few weeks of Whole30?

Should I think about eliminating additional foods from the auto immune protocol?  Any suggestions about which ones to start with?  Should I delay the reintroduction phase or go ahead?


Are there other members out there with fibromyalgia doing the Whole30 currently/recently?  What's your experience been like?


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It's been a long time since you wrote this and I am curious, did your fibromyalgia improve?  I am on day 7 and I have fibromyalgia.  I will not quit whole 30 but I want to know if anyone who had fibromyalgia had their symptoms go away or at least improve.  I feel a lot of improvement but I'm not fully pain free.  I think I will add some yoga daily to see if that will help in addition to whole30.  I might even try to see if anyhting on the FODMAP list is bothering me after 30 days of whole30.  


Thanks for responding ahead.... if anyone is out there?

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Resolution of my fibromyalgia is why I started whole30 to begin with.  I had started a diet at my gym and noticed my fibromyalgia went away.  As I became aware of Whole30 at the same time, I realized my gym had put me on a diet similar to whole30.


I went off the wagon for years and in the past few months my whole body aches became unbearable.  I am on day 7 of a whole30 right now and just like clockwork, my aches have disappeared.  There is nothing like the threat of bone pain to keep you compliant on a whole30.



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Hey, fellow fibro folks! :)


I started this thing 3 days ago and am really curious about nightshades. I've heard bell peppers and onions (and probably others I can't think of right now) can be inflammatory and cause fibro to get all wonky. I've had fibro since I was around 10 years old (early bloomer, I know- ha!) and I've always eaten a diet heavy on bell peppers and onions, because... they are delicious! However, if they're causing my fibro flare-ups, I think I could quit them and be happier- fibro pretty much sucks.


So, since this diet actually allows those things, but I'm hearing people's fibro has improved, I'm wondering if anyone has ideas about this? Can I keep my beloved onion and bell pepper? Or, should I try to eliminate those, too, just to see what happens?


I posted a bigger topic under the medical forum, because I'm also a vegetarian and cutting out one more thing for 30 days sounds pretty challenging. So, I thought I'd check with you all first to see if you had thoughts.



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It was my understanding from my doctor that nightshades can be inflammatory but only if you are sensitive to them.  My doctor recommended that I test for gluten, dairy, and nightshade food intolerances with an elimination diet.  When I did my Whole30, I eliminated nightshades as well.  I must say though, that it was really difficult.  Not eating tomatoes was the hardest thing for me.  Needless to say, I ended up adding them in again before the month was up.  I did feel better at about week 3, more energy, less pain.  Given that nightshades are a big part of your diet and that you are still figuring out the Whole30, my advice would be to not worry about them right now and see how you feel after a few weeks.  When you feel on top of the Whole30 eating plan, you could work on eliminating them.  It may be that you aren't sensitive to them at all.

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Hi Abra


If you haven't done a Whole30 yet, you may want to finish one first before looking at further restriction.


It helps to keep a detailed food log too, with how you feel as well as what you ate.

Sometimes looking back over it can help you identify foods that make you feel good (or not so good).


It's good to explore new veggies too (I also love onions and peppers).

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