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Today is a rough day!


I am on day 6 - and my work brought in fresh bagels - still hot and everything! These are my favorite grain product. OI... 


Don't worry.. I am staying away from the break room until they are gone. 


But that doesn't mean I don't really really want one. 




Is this Whole 30 worth it? 

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It is always worth it.


Give me another idea on how you might be able to reward yourself without food?


You could.....

go for a nice leisurely walk later today

give yourself a manicure (or go for one)

read a book

buy a magazine

take a bubble bath...

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Different question:  is a bagel worth the disappointment, resentment, guilt, shame and possible digestive hurt that you will get if you give up on what you set out to do?  


I remember bagels...........but I don't remember anything about that lump of dense baked dough would be good enough to make me jump ship.  If I recall correctly, bagels are in every grocery store, most bakeries and many delis every day of the year.  This isn't the world's last bagel..........but it is your opportunity to put the bagely feelings aside and push forward.   :)

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