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Frozen Fruit Smoothie (Like an Ice Cream)


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I have an ice cream maker at home, and I want to try blitzing fruit and putting through the ice cream maker to make a nice desert.


Now problem is we aren't supposed to recreate our favorite desserts are we??


Although this is just frozen fruit....  I am sure frozen sugar free fruit smoothie is not off limits, so would this be?


Basically is this pushing the rules too much???

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Yep, this is off limits - no using compliant foods to recreate old foods, and no desserts - Whole30 is not just about eating compliant foods for 30 days, but also about changing our relationship with food, & developing better habits...

For the record frozen sugar free fruit smoothies are also off limits - sugar free tends to mean some kind of sweetener has been added - sweeteners of any kind are uncompliant.

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