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Starting October 16th, been doing a trial run gearing up for the Whole30


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I'm starting the day after my birthday.  Why even tempt fate.  Have let the hubs know I need his help for the 30+ days.  I used an apple stamp to mark the days on the calendar for his ease and mine.


Don't think it will be too hard as I eat pretty healthy, but I'll definitely will be needing to use a few different products.  As I've been preparing I've been reading labels and I'm amazed at the junk in the simplest things.


I am worried about my antacid... addiction would I call it.  I pop papaya enzymes probably every day.  I also take an antacid in the evening if my tummy isn't digesting well.  Read label on Papaya enzymes and they are out for sugar.  I'm sure my antacid tabs do too.  Hoping the Whole30 will help my old lady digestion.  I've been thinking and preping and deciding what will be the hardest for me... I think no digestive aids will be.  Going to look into fermented items for possible help.


I can't eat leftovers as I don't digest them well.  Food needs to be cook that day or I have a big ole stomachache.  So sad as I loved cooking ahead to save time.


I quit eating after 6pm the past year as I need that 5 hours before bedtime to digest or I'll be up all night with acid indigestion.  Sometimes my busy day gets away from me and I've gone without dinner many a night.  Working on better dinner planning with the Whole30.


Eggs don't always agree with me.  I wonder if they are a problem for me?  I think I'll be eating more eggs in the next 30 days than I've eaten in the last 10 years.  This will be a test.  I have my hardest time with them first thing in the morning.  They may be lunch or dinner thing for me.

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You might want to try a spoonful of apple cider vinegar after meals, followed by a glass of water - indigestion/heart burn is often caused by too little stomach acid, meaning the stomach has to work extra hard pumping around what is available causing a back flow..... Antacids actually only perpetuate the problem.

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You are a great candidate for probiotics and digestive enzymes, but not the ones you have been taking. The articles below should be helpful in your figuring out what to take. I avoided probiotics in favor of regularly eating sauerkraut, but started taking a probiotic supplement every day a few months ago and it has been very helpful. I take Primal Flora from Mark's Daily Apple - available through Amazon.com. You should be able to eat leftovers in no time! :)


What you should know about probiotics
What you should know about digestive enzymes
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Hello there. How is it going now? You must be several days in?


I am on day 4 and have had bad acid indigestion for the past 24 hours now. It is very helpful to read these posts. I couldn't eat lunch today as my appetite was shot. I thought I was going to throw up at one point. I was really confused.


Then I figured it was acid indigestion and I checked in here. The spoonful of cider vinegar was very helpful. And a walk around the park. And not "freaking out" that there was something deeply wrong with me and that I would have to give up...


I will be looking into the fermented options, as I do already take a probiotic. But sauerkraut can make me very bloated.


I am a healthy eater too. A pescatarian for most of my life, I added grass-fed beef for iron a few years ago - but that is minimal. So this 30 days is VERY much about eggs for me. And a lot more than I usually eat. I was worried that the overload of eggs was what my tummy was reacting to. But it seems it is probably just the rearrangement that is going on. I hope I am right.


I am also very dry. I can't seem to assimilate H20 well enough perhaps? I drank 3 litres of water yesterday and I still had a wretched sore throat in the early morning. I run that way anyway, but wonder if this regimen is bringing that about more intensely.


Anyway, I hope it is going well for you.

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