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First-timer's Log: 01-01-2016


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My plan is to journal at the end of every day of my first Whole30 experience, starting on Jan 1st.  More than anything, I want to keep myself accountable. 


I have never been able to follow a strict diet for more than 14 days, but I am currently experimenting with Paleo lifestyle and changing my mindset from a "temporary restrictive diet" to a "real-food lifestyle change".


A brief intro:

  • Female
  • Mid 40s
  • Sugar addict (especially a week before that special monthly event :P )
  • Explorer of a wide variety of diets since 19 y.o. :blink:.  My experiments:
    • yo-yo (the starve --> over-eat cycle)
    • no fat
    • no meat
    • high grain
    • Eat Right For Your Blood Type
    • calorie counting
    • no dinners
    • fruit-only days
    • 500 cal/day diet
    • the list goes on...

I believe I finally have the maturity to understand that I don't have to be skinny, but I do have to eat well and be healthy.  :)


I am ready.  I hope.  No, I am!  Am I?  :D


To be continued...



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You sound like the perfect candidate for Whole 30. I had a similar history to yours before finding the program a few years ago and it's utterly changed my relationship with food and gotten me on the path I've longed to be on my whole life. How's that for inspiration to stick with it for 30 days?


Congratulations for giving yourself this gift! We're here for you if and when have questions or need guidance.

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HelloRealFood! Good for you for doing a Whole30! It is very helpful for shooting from a diet to a nutrition mentality. It's one of the best things I've ever done for myself.

Love your signature, and if you love butter as I do, I suggest you make your own clarified butter:


Delicious and compliant!

Also, homemade mayonnaise is super simple you have a stick blender:


Fat is your friend! It keeps you fueled and knocks out cravings.

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I'm trying this for the first time. I basically eat well but I have an addiction to peanut butter. My weight has always fluctuated and I'm tired of that! I'm 54 years old, 5'3" and weigh 144 this morning. I'm sick of that scale determining my mood for the day!

Come on 2016! I'm excited and ready for the Whole30! Yay for us all!!

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Day 1


After several days of spending hours upon hours reading posts and doing a Whole30 research here and on Facebook, I decided I need to tone it down.  It became almost an obsession and I kept checking messages constantly - on the computer, on my phone, and on my iPad.  I felt if I don't check often, I am going to miss something important.  There are so many posts, it got overwhelming. 


Since I am going back to school on Jan 4th and will have very little time for non-school-related reading, I will come here once a day to write a note in my journal to keep myself accountable.  That's it.  Best of luck to everybody!  :)


My Daily Template


Did I eat in compliance with Whole30 guidelines today?    Yes.


Did I have cravings/snack attack?     No.


How do I feel?     Great.  Satisfied.  Content.  Motivated.

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