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MissMunchie's 2016 Whole30


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I figured with a shiny, new year I should start a shiny, new thread for my shiny, new Whole30! Here's my last thread so I don't forget it: http://forum.whole30.com/topic/26553-missmunchies-whole30/


Anyway, I am getting all geared up for Friday's Day 1. The best part is that my husband and I are spending New Years' with some friends in a remote, off-grid cabin in the woods with no electricity, internet, or cell reception. So I need to plan and pack all my food for the first couple days!


This will be my 4th Whole30 since my first round in January 2013. My goals are to just remain compliant and get 'er done. I don't have too many health issues other than the usual low energy and subpar sleep. I had my 2nd baby last year but rather than lose baby weight I maintained and then gained some. I don't weigh myself, but the weight gain is evidenced by me wearing my maternity pants well into the year, until they didn't fit anymore and I had to go buy bigger pants. I've come to peace with the weight gain and see it as just another season in my life. I try to love my belly and legs as they enabled me to carry and birth my two beautiful children so there's nothing here to hate on. But I'm ready to feel good again, to feel fit and active in whatever size my body ends up at.


The big NSV for me will be managing my mental state and mood. I was diagnosed with postpartum depression, and am still struggling. I know if I take care of myself I feel good, but I tend to log myself down with the "mom guilt" and take care of everyone before myself. My husband is wonderful at checking in with me and sending me to bed with a book and a cup of tea when he sees me starting to "get there," so I do have a lot of support.


The biggest challenge I see that I will have to overcome is my dependency with convenience. Since my last Whole30 there's been a big downward slide with take-out food, drive-thru breakfasts, and other quick and dirty ways of getting food in face. I do enjoy cooking, but have trouble accepting the fact that good food does take time. And when I have two hangry kiddos crying at me because I've been at work all day and I'm just done with my long commute and with life in general and famished myself, a quick call to the pizza place is all too easy. I HATE weekly food prep/cookups for many reasons, but I can do a day or a meal ahead of time just fine. I just have to remember to do it! My husband enjoys taking over the dinner duties too, but when I'm on a Whole30 he gets really paranoid about screwing up dinner with a non-compliant oil or spice blend or something, so it's easier if I take over most of the cooking and just call him in as needed on the "can't even" nights.


So far I've cleaned out the fridge and pantry and put all of my complaint Whole30 food in my own personal cabinet so I don't see the other stuff the rest of the family can use. I may do one last clean-up of the leftover holiday treats and cookies on the 31st, since they'll probably be stale and lousy anyway. Today I'm shopping for my compliant groceries for the cabin trip, and I'll do my menu prep for next week when I get home Sunday. Spoiler alert: I got a crock pot for Christmas, and Nom Nom Paleo's kaula pig is so on the menu!


Go team.

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Oh, and I just started Crossfit, so pre- and post-WO meals will now be a thing. I bought a few Epic bars to stash in my glove box just in case I forget to pack my post-WO meal, but I'll do my best to eat real food and no rely on bars the whole time. I've only had a couple of classes but man does my appetite go up after a hard workout!


My work has a fully stocked kitchen, so I'm slowly taking inventory on what I can and can't eat at my desk for emergency "shoot-I-didn't-bring-enough-for-lunch-and-now-I'm-ravenous" snacks. They always have raw nuts, olive oil, and canned tuna so I should be okay. Sometimes there's fresh fruit or veggies in the fridge too but I can probably stash some baby carrots or something that keeps a while in the fridge.

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

In an attempt to avoid the dreary UPSNY weather we are having I was looking at your blog :)  Just wanted to pop in and say hi and that Crossfit is the.best.ever.  I'm currently taking some time off Crossfit after 5 years of doing it.  There has been no aspect of my adult life that has allowed me to achieve such personal growth, athletic skills or self confidence as Crossfit :)  I hope you love it too!

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Just received news that thanks to Life Stuff the remote cabin in the wilderness is no longer happening. There may still be a trip planned, but I have no idea right now what this weekend looks like. So I guess I'd better boil a couple extra eggs just in case!


Due to said Life Stuff, I debated on starting my Whole30 tomorrow instead of Friday. Take some control back, ya know? But I figure I'll start on Friday because I don't want to miss out on one last toast. So long, 2015. I can't say I'll miss you too much!


Prep left to do:

  • Re-clean out the pantry, since I did it like a week ago and I know the kids' marshmallows ended up back on my compliant shelf since then
  • Food prep: boil eggs, roast a spaghetti squash, make some meatballs to freeze, wash & chop veggies
  • Take inventory of food storage devices; I'm pretty sure the puppy has chewed up most of my storage containers, so I'm left with a pile of lids, so I'd better get another thing of Gladware or something to get me through the next few weeks of leftovers
  • Put up a couple inspiration posts on my log, one for how I feel when I sugar-binge and another on why I'm undertaking this Whole30
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This one's for when the bulk cookie bins at Whole Foods start looking like a good idea:


Oh, honey, I know what you're thinking. It's a nice thought, isn't it? We'll pick out a little bag of our favorite cookies, and eat them all. I can feel the rustle of the paper bag, the crumbs on my lips, the burst of sweet, buttery flavor with each bite. It's all warm-fuzzy, like love. This is what love should be, right? I just want to wrap myself up in this feeling and forget the world. (Pausing for a moment to realize, gah, I'm totally having a love affair with a cookie and this is so not right. Okay, moving on to the main point.) One by one the cookies disappear, and slowly the cozy-loving warmth cools down to uncomfortable, shallow emptiness and depression. And a sore tummy.


Oh yeah, I forget about this part. The After.


Now my stomach is bloated and sore. Nothing makes it comfortable. I drink water by the gallon, my thirst is ravenous, and this doesn't help my poor belly.


I start to feel the inflammation as it slowly rises like a tide. My back aches, my legs ache, my stomach aches. I can even feel it in my gums and fingers. This swollen, throbbing ache.


The heartburn starts. The last thing I want is sugar, but I have to eat, two, three, four Tums to stop the pain. Each one gets stuck in my mouth as I try to chew the sweet chalky tablet and wash it down with more water.


Then finally the fatigue. It hits me like a freight train, so I just lay down on the floor, too tired to move. It's only 7:30 and the kids are playing all around me. My son asks if I want to play with him, but I tell him mommy is too tired. I'm right there, but I'm not there. This is the worst part. There's baths to be drawn, teeth to brush, stories to read, and my sweet, gentle kiddos to tuck into bed and to have that mother-child ritual of ending the day together. But all I have the energy for is to change them into their jammies (or maybe not; if they put up a fight I won't bother) and plop them unceremoniously into bed and turn out the light. Maybe we'll do a story tomorrow night. Maybe mommy will be a better mommy tomorrow. Then I go and lay in bed, thinking about the dinner dishes that didn't get washed and the laundry that's not dried and all of the other things that I should do in the evening to make the morning go smoothly but don't do because I'm laying in bed too exhausted from my sugar coma. I'll pay for it all again in the morning.


All because of cookies. No, not because of cookies. Because I'm looking for relief of something in the wrong place. I'm covering up stuff with bad habits, and it's going to cost me everything I have in the end.


So around day 12 or day 20 or whenever a sugar binge is calling to me, I need to read this. I need to read this and remember why I'm not doing this again. I need to find my answers somewhere else, not in food. For some things, food is not the answer.

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This one is for when the going gets difficult


I can't even think about another egg dish. I don't want to see another plate of broccoli. I can't chop another veggie or crack another can of tuna. I am so done with this. All I want is pizza and a beer. Why am I doing this again?


Because now I'm wearing a larger size than at this time last year when I was four weeks postpartum.


Because I can no longer see my feet.


Because I can't do a pull up without the black AND the red strap


Because of the bottle of Tums that has to be on my nightstand every night


Because last night I woke up at 3am and never went back to sleep. Again.


Because when I open my pantry, I can't find real food through all of the bags of marshmallow, crackers, and chips


Because my son's new requested breakfast is "chocolate toast" (toast with Nutella)


Because my daughter's meals mostly consist of teething biscuits and those freeze dried yogurt bites instead of real food


Because of "sparkle energy," aka Tiger Blood


Because I've done it before and I can do it again


Because I deserve better


Because my family deserves better


Because Whole30 can change my life  :wub:

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I am starting on the 1st too.  This will be my third successful Whole30.  I have been eating dairy in the past few weeks even though I haven't been eating that for along a time.  I have been eating eggs in things even though I have an egg allergy.  I have been eating all kinds of unhealthy foods and I am over it. I feel tired and grumpy and constantly moody. 

With three little kids and a job, finding time is so so hard.  Time for yoga, time for walking, time for food prep, etc. I will make it work as I have done before. 

I just wanted to check in with you, from one exhausted mother to another, we've got this.

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Day 1 in the bag! I am super thirsty and a little hungry right now. I did not eat enough today, that's probably why.


Meal 1: 3 eggs scrambled (maybe), 1/2 bag of frozen broccoli with evoo, avocado, coffee w/ coconut milk x 2

Meal 2: 6 hb eggs, 1/2 large bag of baby carrots, 1/2 jar of olives

Meal 3: Big ol' ribeye steak, roasted brussel sprouts, potato with ghee


At least, I think that's what I ate for M1. I had my one-year-old in my lap while I was eating, and her chubby little hands were double-fisting egg and broccoli into her mouth like a last meal. She probably ate an egg all on her own. And this was after my husband gave her breakfast already! Then my four-year-old wanted more egg. I guess next time scramble five eggs?


I went up to Napa to meet my sister for a hike. I knew I would be there over lunch, so I packed some food for the drive and a couple of Epic bars in case I needed a boost on the hike. I didn't need the Epic bar (save it for another day!) but I ate 1/2 of the packed food on the drive there and the other 1/2 on the drive back.


As I was driving home I noticed that I was still hungry and probably didn't eat enough (I also brought a can of tuna, but no can opener. Aduh.), and the spaghetti squash and meat sauce I planned for dinner was sounding a little bit blah. I thought, "It's New Years Day, and Day 1 of Whole30. I am not going to start both off like this." So I stopped at Whole Foods and bought the biggest, fanciest dry-aged, grass-fed ribeye steak they had, some fresh brussel sprouts, and a big ol' russet potato. We had a friend that crashed at our place after last night's festivities, so she joined us for a hearty New Years Day dinner! They split a bottle of wine, and I just savored my steak and potato with ghee.


On to Day 2!

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Day 2!


Today I hung out at home with the kiddos, so there were few temptations. At one point I was clearing my son's snack plate away and almost ate a ritz cracker, totally by habit. I'm glad I remembered as soon as I picked it up!


Meal 1: super awesome Southwest Scramble from the W30 book (with Tostito's salsa), leftover brussel sprouts, black coffee and coffee with coconut milk

Meal 2: canned tuna, evoo, spinach, balsamic, bell pepper, 1/2 jar of olives

Meal 2.5: canned tuna, apple, almond butter

Meal 3: meatballs from the W30 book with beef instead of chicken, spinach, evoo, La Croix


Still trying to eat enough. I have a meal and am like, "I'm stuffed!" then I'm hungry an hour later. Need more fat I suppose. I dump olive oil on my spinach, but it must not be enough. I also drank a couple mugs of lemon tea in the afternoon while catching up on a book (hot water & lemon). 


Super exhausted tonight. Absolutely crawling into bed now, and I have crossfit in the morning. I'm hoping I can get a good night of sleep, the past few nights have been dismal.


See you on Day 3!

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Oh, day 3. You tried so hard to kick my pants. 


Woke up with a raging headache that as of now still hasn't really gone away. I was so tired all day, but when I tried to take a nap my headache wouldn't let me. Tylenol didn't kill it, so I finally gave in around 8:00 with some ibuprofen and it took the edge off. Every meal made me nauseated. And I totally bailed on Crossfit this morning because I just couldn't even.


M1: 3/4 of the spinach frittata from the Whole30 book, guacamole, 2 cups coffee

M2: chicken thighs (3 maybe?), frozen broccoli (2-ish cups?) with evoo, 1/2 russet potato with a metric crap ton of ghee

M3: leftover meatballs from last night in compliant store-bought marinara on top of roasted spaghetti squash 


I especially felt sick after Meal 3. Fortunately, once the ibuprofen kicked in the nausea went away. I also drank sooooo much water. Always a glass handy, and every time I passed a sink, any sink, even the bathroom sink, I would take a drink. I also had about half a case of La Croix when my nausea was peaking hoping the bubbles would help.


That was some gnarly Whole30 hangover. Hoping to look forward to a restful night's sleep. 


Still standing. Bring it, Day 4.

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Day 4. Prepare, prepare, prepare. That is what I always do only halfway. I think I know what's my next meal, but I always leave it open just in case I'm not "in the mood" for what I have planned. But in all honestly, I'll eat what's available. So I need to start prepping more, I do little prep and it is starting to not work for me.


I woke up at my usual time, but since I had to get breakfast and lunch going I was running late. I ate my eggs at the table but ate my veggies in the car during my commute. Lunch was very satisfying, that was cool. Dinner was really good, I even fed it to the kiddos :)


M1: 4 scrambled eggs, bell pepper and snap peas, coffee

M2: tuna, spinach, avocado, 1/2 white potato, evoo

M3: eggs, sausage, and home fries from W30 book, lemon tea


I have some rage-y heartburn, hoping the lemon tea will help that. Wondering if I'm eating too many starches and that's why I have heartburn? Usually I get it if I've had too much alcohol or sugar/flour processed foods like cookies, so it's weird that I'm still having symptoms. But most of the detox symptoms are gone. I didn't feel nauseated and no headache. I'm tired, but I haven't been sleeping well lately so I'm sure it's mostly that. Usually I'm super awesome about sleep but life stress and job pressure have been making my solid 9 (yes, 9 hours) difficult to obtain for the past week. I'm hoping my schedule and hormones will calm down so I can get a full night's rest soon.


See you on Day 5! Shall we kill all the things? Let's find out!

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Days 5 and 6: I haven't been sleeping at all and its totally catching up to me. I have a sore throat and a UTI so I'm taking OTC meds and drinking cranberry juice to cope while I wait to hear back from my doctor. I know juice is only allowed as a sweetener if needed, but 1) my doctor recommended juice and 2) this is legit, just-cranberries-and-water-that's-it juice and believe me, it's so tart that there is no way I can crack on on it or will my sugar dragon come roaring. I hope this is okay. Every Whole30 always has a little something interesting! 


Day 5:

M1: scrambled eggs, cauliflower w/ evoo, leftover sausage from dinner

M2: tuna on spinach, peppers, avocado, 1/2 potato, evoo

M3: I did the salmon benedict from the W30 book, and the husband raved about the hollandaise! Side salad of spinach with evoo


Day 6:

M1: fried eggs (husband made! With coconut oil, he remembered!), canned sweet potato (tummy still upset, took it easy)

M2*: compliant chicken sausage, roasted veggies, slightly marred 1/2 avocado

M3: roasted chicken, leftover roasted veggies, 1/2 potato w/ ghee


Some Notes:

  • My digestion seems to have improved dramatically. The heartburn seems to have dissipated (hopefully it's all the hot lemon water I've been downing) and bathroom trips are once again NBD.
  • I'm feeling way more consistent energy through the day despite my insomina. I do hit a wall around 7-8:00 pm but that's probably due to my current sleep schedule which I will continue to address
  • I can't believe it's Day 6 already! After tomorrow we will have conquered a whole week! Yahoo!
  • I gave myself the initial should-you-accept-it challenge of cook one recipe from the Whole30 book every day. Usually this recipe is for dinner since that's when I have the most time. It's been fun to expand my horizons a bit even if dinner takes a bit more time and effort to throw down
  • My husband has been extremely supportive, and even helped me prepare the salmon Benedict last night by poaching the eggs and helping me stir together the sauce. He ribs me now and then for how much our grocery bill goes up with my almost-daily shopping, then I ask him how much beer and scotch he's had, and he's like, "touche."

Starting to feel the sparkle energy back; It's getting real, yo!

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Checking in since we're on what, Day 9? I've been slacking on the posting the past few days in attempt to get more sleep. I'll give a full recap later but my big challenge right now is feeling suddenly OVER IT. Like, I almost made brownies last night in a desperate attempt to emotionally binge eat. Instead I called a friend, grilled a steak, and watched a movie with a La Croix. This Whole30 is seriously saving my sanity right now as I work through all this Life Stuff. I can't imagine what a wreck I would be if I was doing what I usually do during tough times, which is sliding back to my old disordered eating habits. Thank you thank you thank you Whole30 for helping me find healthier ways to manage and cope. You are seriously saving my life.

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Day 10 has now proven to be an absolutely wretched and challenging day. My resolve was just seriously shaken when I opened the "non-compliant food" pantry door. I have to take a breath and convince myself that food is not the solution to the problems I have right now, and an all-out binge on every cookie and cracker in my pantry will not help. Not now, not ever. After I finish writing this I'm going to throw/put away anything that is tempting me right now. I can't throw it ALL away since my friend from Switzerland just sent us a ginormous box of real Swiss chocolate, so I'm thinking that's going in a box, taped shut, and put up in a high closet that I can't reach without a stool. Everything else that's non-special food - the half-eaten sleeves of crackers, tubs of ice cream, open bags of pretzels - into the garbage they go. My kids don't really "need" them, they're just convenient. They'll be better off eating what I'm eating anyway. 


I don't quite remember all that I ate the past few days; I think it's been this:


Day 7:

M1: scrambled eggs w/ salsa and avocado, coffee

M2: tuna, leftover roasted veggies, apple, almond butter, avocado

M3: steak, steamed veggies, avocado


Day 8:

M1: scrambled eggs, coffee

M2: chicken protein salad, broccoli

M3: steak, roasted cauliflower w/ evoo


Day 9:

M1: egg and spinach scramble with 6(!!) eggs, coffee

M2: silky gingered zucchini soup

M3: the chimichurri kebabs from the W30 book, salad with avocado


Day 10 (so far):

M1: 3 scrambled eggs, coffee

M2: leftover chicken; broccoli; chimichurri sauce on er'rything because, yes; apple w/ almond butter


This week since my husband is out of town for work and it's just me and the kiddos, I'm going to go into "survival mode" and just do the best I can to keep satisfied and compliant. I'll make a grocery run tonight after dinner when everyone is well fed, and try to get enough so I don't have to make another trip until the weekend since it'll be difficult to find the time. Nothing fancy, but I'll probably make a couple of sauces since that chimichurri sauce is SO AMAZING. 


Time to clean out the pantry (again), drink a ton of water, maybe nap, then regroup for a new week. I got this.

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Day 11! Ahh, today was a good one. I took the advice suggested from a  thread I posted in the Troubleshooting forum about not eating enough and feeling sort of "over it" already. I was trying too hard to be "perfect" and to cook all sorts of new recipe and it was just too much to try and think about at once. So last night I did a super big haul to the store and got everything I think I need for the week instead of the next few meals. Lots of compliant sausages, eggs, and cans of tuna in my near future as I try to give my cooking chops a bit of a break. Since my husband is out of town I feel like this is really good timing. Plus, I went to Crossfit today! Yay! So fun. And I'm starting to feel a bit of that ol' sparkle energy in the morning, but by 7pm I'm pretty tanked again.


M1: 3-ish eggs (kiddo ate from my plate again), coffee

Post w/o: Epic bar in the car since I was ravenous, canned sweet potato, last of the zucchini soup (sad panda)

M2: 2 roasted red pepper sasuages, greens, lots of olive oil

Snack: apple w/ almond butter

M3: Applegate hot dogs, frozen mixed veggies w/ evoo, apple slices


My hunger was pretty in check all day, but at 3pm I tanked. I'm thinking I need to either eat or rest more on workout days. And now I'm propping my eyes open as I write this, and it's only 8:30. That's why I snacked midafternoon. I was debating on coffee, but that seemed wrong. I wanted something quick to eat and just went for it. It satisfied me until dinner, but I don't know if all the fruit I had is why I'm so tired now, or if I'm still catching up on sleep. Whatever it is, I'll think about it tomorrow! Good night!

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Day 13 is a wrap! I'm still feeling really run-down by about 7pm. My sleep's been rather hit-or-miss, so I'm sure that's a factor. I've started cutting down on the coffee hoping that might help. I feel great in the morning, but I feel like I should have a bit more in the tank at the end of the day. Then again, I've been single-parenting it this week while my husband is out of town for work, so, a-duh.


In other news, I've discovered the magic of a slow cooker. I received a crock pot for Christmas. Wha-who-why-where have I been OMG this is amazing!! Dinner in less than five minutes, with minimal clean-up. I can't even. Sold. All the food, slow cooked on a timer then set on "warm" mode until we're ready to eat. I'm speechless on how awesome this is.  :D  :D  :D


Day 12:

M1: Eggs, salsa, avocado, coffee (just 1 cup)

M2: Tuna, evoo, spinach, avocado

M2.5: Epic bar while in traffic on my drive back from appointments in San Francisco

M3: Pot roast (yay, slow cooker! :lol: ), veggies, leftover chimichurri sauce


Day 13:

M1: container of applesauce, Epic bar, baby carrots, Starbucks black coffee (mostly eaten in the car, it was one of "those mornings" and I felt emergency food was appropriate)

M2: leftover beef kebabs, baby carrots, some macadamia nuts

M3: slow cooker chicken thighs, mixed frozen veggies, apples and almond butter


I am totally obsessing about my slow cooker now. I wonder what I can cook overnight for breakfast the next morning? Ideas, anyone?  ;)

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Ahh, the sweet smell of Day 16! Let's get the business out of the way first:


Day 14:

M1: scrambled eggs, leftover veggies, coffee

M1.5: a bag of Epic bites when I was super hungry at my desk at work

M2: leftover pot roast & veggies, bell pepper

M3: 2 chicken apple sausages, eaten at a friend's house when I was invited over for dinner


Day 15:

Pre w/o: 1/2 chicken apple sausage on the way out the door to Crossfit

Post w/o: 1/2 can sweet potatos, 1 1/2 sausages (this sort of was my M1 since it was late in the morning)

M2: 2 sausages, avocado

M3: 2 sausages, green beans, carrots, snap peas, olives


After dinner I roasted a pan of brussel sprouts that were sitting in the fridge so they'll be easy to grab for meals today.


I'm feeling a bit disappointed that I'm not feeling the normal positive changes I usually feel at this point. Last round, I found my sparkle energy by Day 5 which was amazing. But I'm not consistent with my meals and following the meal template (hello, veggies and fats!) and I have a ton of life stress, more so than normal. So I'm looking around for other lifestyle things to keep in mind as we roll downhill to the second half of the journey.


This week was all about survival, so next week the focus will be two words: MEAL TEMPLATE. Gotta get that food in, yo!



  • My pants now button comfortably! I had almost outgrown all my pants and was looking at the dark perspective of replacing my wardrobe again. But I can fit back into my bigger sizes again, so that shopping crisis may have been averted.
  • My energy is starting to be pretty consistent through the afternoon. The 3 o'clock slump is much less noticeable, if happening at all. I do feel like a train wreck by about 7:30 at night still.
  • I think my rough sleep is due to consistent neck/shoulder pain that I can't figure out. I might go see a physical therapist here shortly if it doesn't resolve itself.

Let's go, Day 16!

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And so it begins.


Day 16:

Pre w/o: 1 egg, handful of macadamia nuts

Post w/o: 3 eggs, 1/2 can sweet potatos

M2: 2 chicken apple sausages, bag of snap peas, handful macadamia nuts

Didn't do meal 3? 


Day 17:

M1: 4 scrambled eggs, leftover veggies

M2: roast beef, baby carrots, olives

M3: tuna, salad greens, evoo & balsamic


So, Day 16. TIGER BLOOD! Finally! I felt fantastic all day. Despite all the recent stress, I was suddenly able to cope and manage throughout the whole day. It was awesome. Also, my sister is getting married and asked me to participate in a menu tasting. I accepted the invite, then was all, "D'oh! I probably won't be able to eat anything!" I went with my four year old, and I would look and smell everything and he would eat it. I did have a couple of tomato slices from the caprese salad and a bite of chicken that I was sure didn't touch the sauce, but that was it. Wasn't even tempted, although it was awkward to go to a tasting and not be able to taste anything. So I said I was there for "moral support" and we had a good time either way.


Day 17 was a good day too. We mostly hung around at home taking care of chores, and I managed grocery shopping with the kids in tow. My husband asked if we could order take-out for dinner, so I ordered some Chinese for the family and threw together a quick salad for myself. I wasn't even tempted.


Also, I finally figured out what an awesome combination is when you put both salt and fresh lemon juice in water. I avoided that combo for so long because I thought it would be disgusting. In truth, it's transcendent and perfect for post-sweaty Crossfit workout afternoon re-hydration.

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Day 17 follow-up, I'm noticing my sleep still has problems. Basically I wake up, wide awake about six hours after I fall asleep like clockwork. I have a jawbone, and I've been tracking my sleep on it. So I must have some hormonal or other issue that's keeping me from getting a full night's sleep. My bedtime routine is pretty solid and I go to bed and wake up at consistent times. I avoid screens before bed and I have f.lux installed on my computer so the monitor light shouldn't affect me too much. Basically I think I'm doing everything right for good sleep, but I'm still waking up. Sometimes it's because my neck/back hurts, it's been acting up lately. Maybe time to invest in a new pillow?

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Hi missmunchie

Found this thread love your reasons why you are doing this 

I had never thought to do an online journal but think it is a really good idea 

I could do with the focus / accountability 

It could be another step in my w9 journey - PERSONAL GROWTH


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