Cauliflower prep for the week? Or night of?


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Hi all!  I am starting my first Whole 30 tomorrow and I felt super prepared after reading both books, reading blogs and info on here....but now that I am starting to food prep, I am feeling a bit of panic and doing a whole lot of questioning like "am I doing this right?!?!"  


My main question today is:


I plan on making both cauliflower mash, and cauliflower rice for this week and am doing most (if not all) of my food prep today.  My question long will each of those keep?  I am afraid it will get soggy and weird if I cook it today and wait for a few days to eat it.  Would I be best to just grate it today, and get it all ready, and cook it the night I am eating it, or will it be fine if I get it all ready today? 


Thanks in advance for the help!  I'm so excited to get started and start feeling better!



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Mashed cauli lasts pretty well and reheats well in microwave, pot or frying pan. I would probably rice the cauli but I wouldn't cook it until the night you are going to eat it. That said, don't be worried about the strong smell that will come from your fridge for the duration that there is raw, riced cauliflower in there. It's a bit stinky but it doesn't impact the taste/flavour.

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