Day 10 - Steady dull headache

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This is my 3rd "attempt" at Whole 30, the last being in September...The first I made it about 12 days, the second I made it about 5..I am fully committed this time and it's been relatively easy, I am loving everything I eat and I do feel better and am sleeping through the night without waking up every hour on the hour, but I have had a headache for like 2 weeks...I have drank nothing but water other than 1 glass of unsweetened tea with lemon and I have no sugar cravings, or cravings for anything at all really... I'm not sure if maybe it's something I have eaten?


B - spinach frittata, 1/2 or 1/4 avocado, banana

L - Spinach and arugula salad with avocado and butternut squash soup

D - Roasted red pepper and mushroom relish tilapia with salad


With leftovers that has been my food for the last 2 days...could it be the onions? I've had problems with onions before, usually raw red onions give me a migraine, but cooked down yellow onions haven't ever really bothered me...but this isn't a migraine it's just a constant dull headache for the last 2 weeks...Suggestions?

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Hi Kelli,

It sure doesn't look like you are eating very much. When you made the frittata, how many eggs did you use and how many pieces did you cut it into? Eggs, when they are your protein, should be as many as you could hold in your hand wihtout dropping; that's usually 3-4 for most women. Start there. Then add veggies to the order of about 2-3 cups to your breakfast.

Where was the protein in your lunch? How big was your salad? Salad greens don't amount to much once they've been chewed down so you need a serving bowl sized salad to make up enough veggies, plus whatever bulkier veggies you put on the salad.

Same with your dinner, lacking veggies, appearing to lack fat and unless you had a couple good sized pieces of the fish, you likely underfed yourself.

How much water are you drinking exactly. "Nothing but water" could be 2 glasses or 2 gallons. Our recommendation is half an ounce per pound of bodyweight; so if you weigh 160#, you should be drinking at least 80 ounces of water.

Are you eating any starchy veggies? You could experiment with our recommendation of at least a fist sized serving per day; preferably later in the day to assist with sleep if that's an issue for you at all.

You could consider dropping the banana or moving it to another meal. Fruit in the morning gets reported by a lot of people to mess with their blood sugar later in the day. Blood sugar spikes and drops can result in a headache.

So, summary: reduced consumption can lead to headache; eat more. Lack of hydration can lead to headache; drink more. Fruit in am can lead to headache; try dropping that. Lack of starchy veggie can lead to headache; add some and see.

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I used 6 eggs, got 4 pieces off of the frittata, I bought some sweet potatoes because I know I am lacking the starchy carbs but I haven't cooked them yet...I'll plan on incorporating them tonight.


Monday I did add a little chicken to the salad (usually a dinner plate's pretty big to me) I had with the soup. I had about 2.5 - 3 tilapia filets with each of the fish meals and thought I might explode.


I am drinking 126 oz/3+ liters of water a day, I've had no less than that the whole time I"ve been doing this.


I hate coffee, so the only caffeine I usually drank is a Dr. Pepper here and there, probably 3 a week.


I'm not sure how I could physically eat too much more than what I have been eating without being completely miserable... last week I did notice I wanted a snack between lunch and dinner so I increased my portions this week and I have been stuffed! I'll try adding more veggies and the sweet potatoes to my meals the rest of the week and see if that makes a difference. Thank you!!

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Breakfast is really the foundation of your day so that would be the first meal to really start looking at expanding.  1.5 eggs is what is in your serving of frittata and that is barely half the serving that you would need for protein.  Consider adding another type of cooked protein (sausage, ground turkey) into your frittata when you make it.


You could try changing the composition of your meals.  Lunch for example: drop the salad and bring in 2-3 cups of a cooked veggie (broccoli, asparagus, green beans, carrots etc).  Drop the squash soup and bring in a proper 1-2 palms of protein.  Add fat in the way of homemade mayo to dip the veggies/chicken in.


(Salads again, need to be huge.  If you made yourself a salad with a literal pound of greens, that really is only equivalent to 1 cup when it's chewed.)

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