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Eating too much or not enough?

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I'm in the middle of week 3 of my 2nd Whole30.


I find that when I get home from work around 4, I feel like I'm desperate for food but what I really want is a salty/crunchy snack, like roasted salted sunflower seeds or (shh) plantain chips


So I'm not sure if it's just that I'm used to eating something crunchy and carby at that time of day or if I legitimately need more food. 


Here's what I ate yesterday (pretty typical day):


M1 around 8am: 

-Egg salad (3 eggs, 2 generous dollops of mayo, mustard, s+p)

-Handful of cherry tomatoes

-18oz bowl of Golden Cauliflower Soup


M2 at 12:30pm:

-1 grilled chicken breast

-Maybe a cup of velvety butternut squash

-Probably about another cup of cherry tomatoes

-Plentiful babaganoush to dip the tomatoes and chicken into


Got home at 4 and was desperate to eat. Purposely did NOT go for the sunflower seeds for the first time, forced myself to eat a few bites of salmon with babaganoush. Really was OK after that. My stomach wasn't growling or anything. I could last.


M3 around 5pm:

-2 hamburgers (probably 1/4 lb total)

-1 Wholly Guacamole

-Filled the rest of my plate with roasted parsnips and peppers but only finished about half- didn't want the rest


And that was it for the night.

So how are my quantities? Should I just try to wait until dinner or does it make sense that I'm really hungry at 4?

I have a history of emotional eating, so I can't really trust my body's signals yet.

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Oh, wait, no! That was NOT it for the night. Now I remember. Around 8 I was hungry again but had no interest in the parsnips- ate a 2-egg egg salad with some cherry tomatoes.


I guess I'll also add here for context that I am breastfeeding, but only about twice a day for a couple minutes, so really not serious milk production going on.


And I am someone who definitely does need to worry about overeating- I've done that most of my life.

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Chicken breast has almost no fat. I have trouble staying satisfied when I eat chicken as my protein, especially white meat. You are not far from just right on your food consumption, but I agree that a bit more would be good. 

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