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Deli Meat sigh...


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So I bought some turkey from whole foods the other day and they told me that it was sugar free. It is their in house turkey breast. But when I was eating some I looked at the label and the second to last ingredient was sugar. I am going to return the meat but I am PISSED. Any recommendations on what I should do? such as should I start over because of this mistake? I am 10 days in. 


Advice welcomed. 

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The only deli meat I've found that is compliant was at a store called Wegman's on the East Coast (MidAtlantic).

Deli meat is a convenience food, and it's not very likely you'll find it without crappy additives.

Prosciutto can be the exception.

Your best bet may be to make your own roast beef and slice it thinly.


Something to think about: Don't neglect cooking. After your 30 days, you'll still want to eat well, and getting in the habit of cooking is crucial to make this happen. Ready-made convenience foods will always be inferior nutritionally to food you make yourself.


If you don't have it, get Well Fed cookbook. There is a great section in there on how to cook almost a week's worth of protein and veggies in ONE HOUR. So you don't need to cook 3 times a day, just plan ahead. Here's a post with lots of "how tos" and a post on quick no cook meals from the author's website.

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