Day 31 and beyond; We can Eat.All.The.Things...or can we?


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I've been doing the  Whole30 style/Paleo style eating for about a year now and it has really done some wonderful things for my body and my overall health. I do occasionally eat "regular" food, but not much and rarely snacky type foods. Unfortunately, after eating great all day on Friday(meat, vegetables, etc.), my husband's potato chips and apple pie not just beckoned, but screamed at me to eat them. I had a small piece of pie and some chips along with a healthy glass of water(how my brain/stomach thinking works sometimes, I'll never know, lol). This morning I feel pretty ugly. I hurt. My hands, feet, knees ache, my eyes are scratchy and dry. I kind of feel like I have a medium hangover(no alcohol passed these lips last night). The reaction I've had is just amazing. I can't pinpoint which ingredient(s) in the junk food triggered these nasty symptoms, but I AIN'T doin' that again!

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I am on day 31, and reading this post I realized I haven't really  done whole 30 as I had fruit, or nuts between meals or after dinner. Oh well, at least there were no off W30 foods, and I can always do it again. So, I think I will go ahead with the reintro, probably do fast track starting with sugar as I don't do wine.

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