Day 38 and sleep is still worse than before whole30


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I'm on day 38 of my second Whole30.  I began reintroduction on day 33, and I'm following the template and not having any problems.  However, I continue to have trouble with my sleep.  I consistently wake up during the night, on average at least twice, and as of this past week at least four times a night.  I toss and turn, I'm cold and hot, and struggle getting out of bed in the morning.  I have searched this forum countless times on what I could be doing wrong, and nothing seems to work.  I have cut back my coffee intake, and don't drink caffeine after 10:00 am, I have three meals a day - breakfast is typically three eggs, sweet potatoes, spinach sautéed in ghee, and crumbled bacon;  lunch is typically a large salad with fresh veggies, steak or chicken, and half an avocado, and dinner is typically soup or chicken and veggies, with a banana or apple with almond butter.  I probably have 8 - 10 glasses of water a day, and a decaffeinated cup of tea in the evening, along with CALM water before bed.  I either go to hot yoga or barre everyday, and two days a week I'll do both in one day.  I turn off tv and read before bed to unwind.  What could I possibly be doing wrong to have such horrible sleep every night.  I feel satisfied with my meals, I work my body and mind during the day, and my energy level remains pretty consistent, although some days I need (or really want) a nap...any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Are you doing pre- and post-workout meals? If not, you might try adding at least post-workout of lean protein and optionally starchy vegetable, shortly after your workout. On the days you do two full workouts during the day, it's especially important.


Have you considered taking days off from exercising and seeing if maybe your body needs a chance to recover? Are you practicing good sleep hygiene?


Some people find that including a starchy vegetable in their final meal of the day helps them sleep better, so if you're not already, you could try that.

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