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Sprouted Beans


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I know this has been asked over and over again, but I just wanted a bit more details as I'm aware sprouted beans are technically okay... But what kind of bean?


I have jars of beans at home right now that vary in color and sizes: black, light green, light yellow, pink, large, small, lentils, etc.  It's a variety pack.  I'm wondering if it's acceptable if I sprouted them and cooked them to eat?  


If not... Any thoughts on what to do with them?!???  Are they so bad I should eliminate them for good even after the Whole30 (I'm technically on a Whole 90).  I would hate to waste food.




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Sprouted beans are not okay on a Whole30. Some vegetarians who do not eat any form of animal protein may include them as a way to get protein -- that's discussed here. The reasons they're not allowed on Whole30 is discussed in the Legume Manifesto.


After your Whole30, you'll do reintroductions, and then use the information about how you reacted to legumes to decide if you want to include them in your personal eating plan going forward, and how often you might want to do that.


I might have misunderstood your question, or misinterpreted what you're doing. Bean sprouts of any type are okay, it's just the beans themselves are not allowed. I thought you were talking about soaking beans and then eating them. If you're going to sprout them and eat the sprouts, go for it. (Clearly, I'm not a big legume fan, and don't cook them or sprout them much...) Apologies for any confusion.

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