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Road Warrior 30 day Adventure


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Hello - Started whole 30 today!


I am a full time road warrior.  I travel all over the US for work with my home office for my base.  I'm on the road 3 - 5 days a week mostly flying.  After 3 and half years I have gained the expected 20 pounds from being somewhat unmindful about quantity and quality of food.


This is going to be a cool challenge and I am excited to see how I can actually make this work.  I think that the biggest modification will be timing of meals. I usually have a rental car and at the very least access grocery stores so I should be able to get to good food at regular intervals.   I was delighted to see the emergency food list. 


I'd like to keep an diary of what I eat and how I manage this over the next 30 days.  Is this the right place on the site? Is there somewhere that would be better?








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Usually threads in this section of the forum and up being group threads of people starting around the same time, to share experiences and encouragement. Some people post what they're eating in those threads, some don't.

Most people who want to keep a food log do so in the You Whole30 Log section of the forum: http://forum.whole30.com/forum/24-your-whole30-log/

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Day 5 complete!


Day 5 so far so good.


This week I was in DC for three days and luckily I was located near a great grocery store salad bar that provided a lot of meals.  I discovered EPIC food bars and bites.   I packed a bunch of raw cashews, almonds, prunes, and pumpkin seeds for emergency foods. 


Since eliminating the foo foo mocha coffee and random protein bars...


The best thing so far is the not hungry feeling.  I have a bit of bored compulsion to eat, but I am not really hungry. 


I started the It Starts with Food book yesterday .... so I am catching up to the why this is working after I have started noticing it work.


Very happy with how I feel and also with the feeling that I am doing something very good for my body and mind.

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Day 6. 


I think finally the sugar and caffeine with drawls have caught up with me.  I didn't sleep well last night and today I have the  headache, etc you'd expect.  I broke down and had about a half cup of coffee, black a bit ago to see if that will help.  It's worth it.


Can't believe with drawl from sugar and grains could make me feel so crappy.  If I feel like this now, what the heck has it been doing to me?


As I read it's starts with food I am more and more alarmed and very happy to be on a path that will fight system inflammation.  My father has a form of slow moving Parkinsons and now in his eighties some mild dementia.   I have been searching for a way to reduce my odds or at least extend my great years.  I think this is it.

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Day 6 Continued


So this is a very interesting result I noticed when I was browsing my fitbit stats. Every day for the last 6 days my resting hear rate has gone down.  It's the lowest it's been since I got it.  That is REAL RESULTS!!!

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Day 16


Stayed the course so far!  My motivation comes from not only wanting to lose weight but also find a healthy lifestyle that will help me stay healthy for the next decades.


My father has Parkinsons and heart disease and I am determined to reduce my risk, especially regarding inflammation.   My resting heart rate has now dropped 11 beats per minute since I started which I take as a good sign of moving in the proper direction.   Also - very limited heartburn.  Cut out the prevacid and I am all good.


Full time travel makes this a challenge to be solved every day.  No cooking.  Lots of raw veggies and some fruit, nuts and chicken or other precooked meat from grocery stores has made up my main meals.  There is an element of just stopping to gas up the machine properly.  I'm looking forward to trying out some meals I've seen in the W30 book and on facebook for a change.  I did eat at the hotel Grille today and though it was not on the menu they nicely served me a plain hamburger, an avacado sliced on the side and a potato.   Nice change of pace. 


With 14 more days to go.....what will I do?  Not sure I will splurge much - kind of like the looser pants, the no heartburn, the better sleep.  I like feeling better. 


Funny - after dinner I was wanting something sweet and I was SURE I had 4 prunes in a baggie.  Tore my luggage a part looking for them  Realized what an addictive type behavior that is.....settled for an apple and pondering the aspects of sugar addiction.  Although if I had found them I would have scarfed them down and then pondered it later.  LOL 

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