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Urge to count calories

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Hey all!

On day 10 of Whole30 now (I remember this is the day I fell of the wagon the first time I tried it...), but this time I'm not letting that happen (EVEN THOUGH IT IS MY BIRTHDAY AND I WANT THAT GLASS OF WINE)

Anyway, my meals are going fine! But after a long history if eating disorders, I keep having the urge of counting calories. I've known for a long time that there's much more to life/food than that and prior to whole30 had been following a Paleo diet anyway due to food allergies, hypothyroidism and a heavily damaged gut.

However, this constant obsession of "am I not eating too much???" is always in my head and it immediately results in just wanting to count those calories to make sure im in a "safe" range.

I realise this is NOT what Whole30 stands for, neither Paleo in general and therefore ask you: What do you do in these situations?

Thanks, have a good one! :)

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you resist.


One thing that might help is knowing that counting calories doesn't work. The human body is just way too complex for us to be able to calculate how much energy we get out of a certain food or how much energy we are expending (really it's true. calorie counting has simplified and generalized these body processes to a point where is is completely inaccurate). Your body knows how much food it needs. Whole30 asks you to slow down and listen.

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