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Day 18, Allergies and Skin

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My 6 year old son is doing great on our Whole 30 (not one slip which is something for a kid) and is on Day 18.  Being that he's so young I thought he might see some results at this point, but his seasonal allergies seem to be flaring up and his itchy skin as well (undiagnosed condition, but some form of dermatitis.) I'm having to put hydrocortisone on his legs this week to keep him from scratching till he bleeds. :(


Is it possible that he won't see any results until the very end?

Is it possible that if he hasn't seen results thus far that it's not even food related?


Shared experience and advice please!

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Are you able to list a couple of days worth of meals for him (and you) for us to take a look at?


I've struggled my entire life with skin issues - and I know there are certain healthy foods (like fruits and veggies) that will cause skin flares.


Some items include:


tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, potatoes - veggies from the nightshade family



ghee - some people are extremely sensitive to dairy - so they will react to the minuscule amounts of milk fat left in the ghee. (I am one of these people)

pork - not a dry skin reaction

Certain fruits can cause this too - I have a slight issue with strawberries.

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He's eating this Whole 30 stuff like a garbage disposal...his appetite has gone from so-so to HUGE!


Here's a sample of what he's been eating:




2-3 eggs, 1/2 chicken apple sausage and veggie (zucchini, green beans, occasionally sweet potato hash)

all cooked in ghee




Main Dishes:

Tuna salad bowl (mayo, chopped pickles, apples & hard boiled egg)

Pulled Pork w/Tessemaes BBQ sauce

Baby greens salad with Chicken, HB egg, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples


Plus sides:






Dill Salmon & Coconut Shrimp (cooked in coconut oil) with asparagus


Taco Salad (ground beef & onions, spicy ranch, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, avocado






HB eggs

Left over meat


Not sure if it matters, but I found out that my father and grandfather both have a form of dermatitis (of which I can't recall the name) that their doctors say is hereditary.  Both take oral medication to control it.  It's itchy skin and blisters, mostly arms and legs just like my son.  

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It is also possible for skin issues to get worse before they get better.


Some recommendations 


Maybe find alternative cooking fat outside of ghee - I personally love duck fat, but will also use refined coconut oil (has no coconutty taste)

Make sure all nightshade veggies (veggies I mention above) are cooked and have no skins.


If that doesn't work consider to do a relaxed version of AIP - since he is fairly young don't go super strict but leave out offending items for a number of days - for instance I am AIPish - but will have things with cooked tomatoes/peppers once or twice a week.  Potatoes I seem to tolerate reasonably well as long as they are peeled. I will eat eggs at most once a week - and I try to find the best source of eggs possible.


Other than that his meals look well rounded and good.  

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Oh I forgot to mention - usually skin issues are tied into autoimmune issues - usually but not always.


I have about 4 autoimmune skin conditions.  They have all become more in control with my diet.


This week because I am travelling and brought a lot of frozen prepared meals with me - my meals have been all whole 30 but not been well co-odinated and therefore I have been eating a lot of cooked tomatoes and my skin is horridly, dry, scaly and bleeding.  But I know what is causing it and I know my pain will be relatively short lived.

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