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Why is day 15 harder than the first week?

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When I started on March 1st and well into the first week, I felt great. Didn't feel hunger, cravings and I didn't feel the need to eat after dinner. I was satisfied with one portion on my plate and I was sleeping soundly. The last few days while I have been adhering to the guidelines I find I am tossing and turning at night, wanting to eat more after dinner and wanting to snack. Has this happened to anyone else? I feel leaner in a way but my clothes fit me the same, I thought my jacket felt more roomy but I don't know. I will say, I am doing this for weight loss, I have been addicted to sugar and a compulsive eater since I was young, and need to lose 30 lbs so that is my big motivator and yes there have been positive things but I almost caved today, so close but stopped myself. I intend to see this through. 15 more days. I felt despair before (I am not good at asking for help) and then remembered the forum! I will ask in the forum, so thank you for reading.



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Where are you in your cycle?

Many women find that their appetite increases at this time and science tells us that we actually NEED more carbs at this time, hence the usual pre-menstrual cravings. If this is the case then up the size of your meals, and in particular your starchy veg intake until at least your period arrives.

If that doesn't sound like it might be you then it would be helpfulif you could list for us what you have been eating for the past few days - indicating portion sizes, types of veg, sleep/stress/activity levels & fluid intake - that way we'll be better equipped to help you troubleshoot...

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I thought of that too, I am due in about 10 days.


Yesterday, breakfast, chia pudding with compliant almond milk (I was out the door early and needed to eat on the train) with blueberries and some nuts, 2 dates, coffee black. Lunch steamed asparagus, cucumber, pepper strips, smoked salmon, half an avocado, an apple and a banana. By the time I was finished and on my way home (5pm) I realized I hadn't eaten enough protein because I was so hungry. I craved peanut butter but bought some cashews instead. Big mistake, I ate the whole bag (100g) on the train home. At home ate some roast chicken (one leg/thigh) and greens with homemade vinagrette. 


Today I was home and in the past I would have eaten all day long so this is a big deal for me that I didn't.


Today, beef roast., 2 slices with broccolini and homemade mayo. worked out a couple of hours later.

lunch I ate later than usual (took a nap, never do that), homemade soup (chicken broth) carrots, chicken, like one potato. Then I saw a photo of a smoothie bowl and since my lunch wasn't that amazing, I ate a banana, half a plum, some coconut milk, cacao nibs and a spoon of almond milk.


Dinner: spiralized zucchini, jumbo shrimp like 10, tomato sauce (compliant, jamie oliver), fresh herbs.


Maybe I need to eat more protein, drink more water, get more exercise.......much of what I am eating now is how I ate before (just with rice, bread, peanut butter, milk, yogurt and sugar, lots of sugar)

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You definitely need to eat more protein.

You also need to ditch the chia pudding, and cut back on fruit. If this is typical of how you've been eating it's no small wonder you feel bad, and you'll feel progressively worse if you continue in this fashion.

Your breakfast yesterday wasn't even close to the recommended meal template of 1-2 palms of protein + 1-3 cups of veg (with 3 being optimal + a serving of fat) - chia seeds are a fat, almond milk is a fat, nuts are a fat, and your dates & blueberries are fruit - which can play havoc with appetite, energy mood etc when eaten in the morning.

Lunch looks better, but you've had more fruit here - our recommendation is for 1-2 fist sized servings per day - you've already doubled that. Switch the fruit for more veg going forward.

Dinner looks better, but then you'd the cashews in between...

Nuts are notoriously hard on the digestive system, a food without brakes for many (you included obviously!) and a poor source of fat - branch out a little & try home-made mayo, coconut milk/cream, compliant oils, fatty cuts of meat, olives etc.

Breakfast & dinner today don't look too bad, and lunch was going fine right up until you took a nose dive into the fruit bowl  ;) 

All that fruit is propping up your sugar dragon, and causing dips & spikes in energy & generally making you feel miserable. Ditch it. Build ALL of your meals to match the recommended template and cut out the snacks.

I guarantee you'll see improvements.

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