Favorite way to cook chicken legs?

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I usually make them this way: http://www.kitchenwithmommy.com/2014/01/wowza-baked-chicken-drumsticks.html

Pretty good, but not "wowza" in my opinion - I'd love more chicken drumstick ideas too as those are the cheapest/easiest to find organic/free-range.


This recipe looks really good but I haven't tried it yet: http://nomnompaleo.com/post/141876852968/orange-dijon-chicken

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This recipe is pretty good -- obviously, sub olive oil or ghee or coconut oil for the butter, and use chicken broth/stock instead of the wine.


This one is good too.


If they have the skin on, you can also season them, make sure the skin is dry, and bake them at about 425 on a rack on your baking pan until they're done (sorry, not sure on the time -- I start smelling them, and then check the temperature to ensure they're really done). You should get a really crispy skin this way.

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