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I did it!

(m)eat to live

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It's day 31! I have to say, this has been such an interesting process. I learned so much about food and I'm already planning another Whole30 for January :)

Good things that happened in the last 30 days:

* I lost 10 lbs. - without additional exercise, counting calories, feeling hungry, or thinking about it much at all, really.

* I tried a lot of new foods and found some delicious new favorite recipes!

* I got organized! It was sort of a necessity to stay on track, but I love my new meal plan calendar so much, I'm sticking with it! This will save me SO much time!

* I got to know some of my local farmers at the farmers' market! It's nice to meet the people who grow/raise my food and I feel good about contributing to my local economy in such an important way.

* I feel a LOT better! Between my thyroid and teething child, fatigue is just part of my life, but I have twice as much energy as I did before, even though I'm still not getting enough sleep. (Trying my best to improve this!)

Reasons to stick with this new lifestyle:

* I still have weird aches and pains in my muscles with no apparent cause. I'm hoping this changes someday in the future.

* I only lost 10 lbs. For some reason, I really expected more, based on the way my clothes are hanging off of me. I know I shouldn't be upset about this! I'm working on it.

* I still have gas and bloating sometimes. I haven't been able to trace the cause.

* My breastfed child has all but stopped spitting up! Perhaps something I was eating before was upsetting her stomach.

* One of my first thoughts this morning was, "I could have a chocolate bar if I wanted..." Yikes.

So, all in all, I loved the Whole30, I will definitely be doing it again, and I intend to stick to a lot of the changes I've made! I'll be doing a reintroduction of some foods to see how I feel, but I've also realized there are some that I don't miss at all. (Like rice. I don't think I ever need to eat rice again. Plus, hello arsenic? Ew.)

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That's awesome! I finished two weeks ago and still remain mostly compliant. Chocolate is my downfall! I am buying better chocolate and a small amount does it for me. I have lost the cravings for a lot of foods I thought I would miss. Still no soy, dairy or grains. I tried some gluten free bread stuff and it didn't sit we'll with me.

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