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Grace's Log: My First Whole30 from Oct 1st


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Starting this log on day three, mostly to keep track of my food choices and make sure I'm getting a good balance of foods into my diet.

Day One

Breakfast: Slow cooker breakfast pie with ground beef, egg, sweet potato, onion. Grated raw carrot with a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Herbal tea

Midmorning: A grapefruit and a cup of herbal tea.

Lunch: Salad with lots of greens, leftover cold chicken and avocado.

Midafternoon: A cold chicken leg.

Dinner: Slow cooker beef stew with turnip, beetroot, fennel, onion, carrot.

I was really craving dairy by the end of the evening.

Day Two

Breakfast: Leftover breakfast pie from yesterday, big handful of rocket and salad leaves, sliced raw mushroom. Herbal tea.

Midmorning: Herbal tea and a handful of almonds.

Lunch: Rocket and salad leaves with tinned tuna and mushroom with olive oil.

Midafternoon: A banana and another handful of almonds. Then I got home and ate another handful or so of cashews. Too many nuts!

Dinner: Leftover stew from last night.

After dinner: A decaf coffee with a spoonful of coconut cream.

This was a weird day as I spent most of it waiting at the hospital to get some tests done. I was at least prepared enough to take a salad and the banana and almonds, so I didn't have to buy any food while out. I know I'm not eating balanced snacks, eating too many nuts, and I feel like there's not enough fat in my diet without the raw milk I used to drink regularly. The coffee with coconut cream really helped with my dairy cravings and I felt satisfied after one mug, didn't feel any urge to binge on it!

Had a headache all day which I'm sure is from sugar-withdrawals.

Day Three

Breakfast: Two eggs fried in coconut oil, sliced mushroom fried in coconut with thyme, sweet potato mashed with coconut milk and cinnamon, topped with a small handful of blueberries and a teaspoon of coconut cream. Herbal tea. Loved my breakfast this morning!

Late morning: A chopped grapefruit with coconut cream and a few cashews.

Lunch: Home made chicken nuggets (chicken breast, almond meal, spices) baked in the oven, served with lots of rocket and lettuce, sliced mushroom, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Midafternoon: Decaf coffee with coconut cream

Dinner: My son has requested meatballs - will probably make some basic beef meatballs in a tomato sauce and have them with a salad or cooked vegies.

I'm feeling much more satisfied today including more coconut cream/milk in my diet and find it keeps away the dairy cravings. I've still got a headache, but it's better than yesterday.

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Had a pretty terrible sleep last night - woke up at 3am and lay there for an hour feeling stressed about my pregnancy and not able to fall back asleep. Got out of bed at 4am and had a big cry in the kitchen, my husband got up and made me a coffee with coconut milk and I went back to bed at 5am. I don't know if I'm extra emotional because of food withdrawals or just because I'm so sick of being really, really pregnant.

Breakfast: I woke up late and didn't eat until 10am, I was starving and ate a huge amount - handful of cashews, three fried eggs, mushrooms fried in thyme and garlic, and steamed asparagus with olive oil, followed by a chopped grapefruit and banana with coconut cream. Also had a mug of nettle tea. I felt nice and full afterwards, but didn't get that stuffed feeling. I'm loving the variety in my breakfasts.

Lunch: Big salad of lettuce, rocket, carrot, tinned salmon, avocado and mushrooms, with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Late afternoon: Had a handful of almonds and cashews along with a decaf coffee with coconut milk after my pilates workout.

Dinner: Red beef curry with asian greens, sweet potato, mushroom, carrot, red capsicum and coconut milk. My husband sure makes an awesome curry, it was delicious!

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What great meals!

I am also doing Whole30 for my first time, but my kiddos are 9 and 11. :-)

I did a workout/eating plan with my 2nd pregnancy, and it was great. I felt much more balanced and happy, and I lost weight quickly after my dd was born. In fact, I would say I was in the best shape of my life about 5 months after my second child! So keep it up!



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I've been in early labour all night but managed to get a decent amount of sleep anyway. Feeling good and relaxed. Got up early around 5.30 to be sure to be able to eat breakfast while I still feel I can. I'm having a home birth, so at least I'll be able to eat decent food!

Breakfast: Three fried eggs, steamed asparagus with olive oil, sweet potato mashed with cinnamon and coconut milk and topped with blueberries. Herbal tea

Midmorning: Contractions are picking up and I have a big handful of cashews.

I gave birth to my third boy at 12.19pm after a three hour labour, he was a huge 10lbs 3ozs!

The rest of the afternoon I snacked on and off - more cashews and almonds, two bowls of lamb and vegie soup and a banana with coconut cream and cashews. Also had a coffee with coconut milk. Feeling pretty great for having given birth five hours ago!

Dinner: Leftover thai beef curry from last night.

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Breakfast: Three fried eggs, fried mushrooms, tinned salmon and herbal tea.

Midmorning: Handful of cashews and a banana

Lunch: Ground beef cooked in a tomato sauce with zucchini and carrot, with rocket and avocado.

Late afternoon: More cashews and some hazelnuts, a decaf coffee with coconut cream.

Dinner: Osso bucco served on mashed pumpkin.

Feeling pretty knocked around today, focusing on spending all my time resting in bed and letting my body recover from birth. Not worrying about snacking as long as my choices are compliant. And my husband is bringing me all my food in bed, so it's not hard to only eat whole30 foods when that's what I'm given!

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Lunch: Rocket and salad leaves with tinned tuna and mushroom with olive oil.

Lunch: Home made chicken nuggets (chicken breast, almond meal, spices) baked in the oven, served with lots of rocket and lettuce

H Grace,

I like reading your log as it is always interesting to me. but I do have one question: what do you mean by "rocket".?

You have mentioned it several times in your log and it is always in conjunction with lettuce.

I am always curious what others are eating and this is new to me.



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Blergh. Had somehow forgotten how tired having a newborn makes me. I'm quite surprised I'm not craving sugar or dairy - all I feel like eating is meat, marrow and broth. As rich as possible! My milk is starting to come in and my hunger levels are really picking up.

Breakfast: Leftover beef mince from yesterday, two fried eggs, half an avocado, a banana, big handful of cashews, hazelnuts and almonds. Running out of vegetables but we get our organic veggie box tomorrow and then I'll have some more variety again.

Midmorning: A cold hard-boiled egg, handful of cashews and a decaf coffee with coconut cream.

Lunch: More beef mince on mashed pumpkin with half an avocado. Herbal tea.

Late afternoon: More cashews. Half a bowl of beef mince and pumpkin that was my son's uneaten lunch. My husband is out with my two bigger boys and I'm eating whatever I can find that requires no preparation.

Dinner: Two big bowls of osso bucco. Thank goodness for leftovers.

It occurred to me this evening how closely my dairy cravings have been linked to sugar addiction. In the past, whenever I wanted dairy, it was something sweet - custard, ice cream, cheesecake, smoothies. I don't really have cravings for cheese. I think being off sugar is making ditching the dairy a lot easier.

I've already decided I want to continue this whole30 into a whole60 so I can have some more time to focus on other lifestyle factors - mostly exercise and sleep - that I just won't do much about this time around considering I've just had a baby. I'm also relying too heavily on snacking on nuts to get me through the day. I'm going easy on myself on that for this whole30 because I don't have the energy right now to address this, but I think a second 30 days would be a good idea to address my 'okay but not ideal' eating habits.

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I am stunned. Giving birth to a baby just like that. For me it was a week, or a year, of from everything. Wow! But I am sure it is good to be on a healthy eating plan especially at that time. Congratulations and enjoy the little one!

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I've made it to week 2!

Breakfast: Three fried eggs and four mini beef patties. Chamomile tea.

Late morning: Handful of almonds.

Lunch: Tuna salad with rocket, red capsicum, carrot, mushrooms and avocado with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Midafternoon: More almonds. An orange and five strawberries. Chamomile tea.

Dinner: Roast chicken with roasted fennel and carrots. The fennel was incredible!

Late evening: An orange, a few hazelnuts and almonds and a black decaf coffee.

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My goal for today is to not eat any nuts! I'm getting way too reliant on them.

Breakfast: Three fried eggs with cooked mushrooms, spinach and tomato and an orange. Chamomile tea.

Lunch: I made it through without a snack! Salad with tinned salmon, avocado, carrot, mushrooms. Followed by a chopped kiwi fruit and banana with coconut cream.

Midafternoon: Decaf coffee with coconut cream

Dinner: Super hungry tonight, I ate a big bowl of osso bucco (mmm...marrow), followed by cold roast chicken with steamed carrot and broccoli drizzled with some olive oil.

Evening: Decaf coffee with coconut cream

I made it through the day without nuts, AND I snacked a lot less than previous days! Not sure whether I ate all those nuts on previous days because I was actually hungry or because they were easily accessible and I'm in the habit of eating mid morning and afternoon.

My husband confessed to me this evening that he ate a rice cake with cheese on it today, and some home made chocolate ice cream we had in the freezer. The ice cream wasn't that bad - more of a swypo, it was made with coconut milk, banana, almond butter and dark chocolate. He wasn't that committed to the whole30 anyway, only really doing it because I was dragging him along. I'm not letting it affect me, I don't feel tempted to cheat. :)

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Woke up feeling pretty good this morning, my energy levels are starting to pick up and my body is feeling like it's recovering well. It's interesting that I haven't experienced the teariness and emotions I usually get 3-4 days after birth. This time I've felt really calm and stable the whole time, which I really think is linked to not consuming and sugar.

Breakfast: Three eggs, two roma tomatoes, handful of spinach and a handful of mushrooms, all fried in coconut oil with garlic and thyme. Felt like this was almost too much - probably one tomato would have been enough, but it did get me through to lunch with no snacks.

Lunch: A bowl of lamb and vegetable soup, followed by a big green salad with carrot, red capsicum, spring onions and tinned salmon, topped with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I'm really enjoying eating so many vegetables.

Midafternoon: Even though I've had a big lunch I feel really snacky. I eat a chopped pear and kiwi fruit with coconut cream and some almonds and hazelnuts.

Dinner: Corned beef with carrot, onion and cauliflower. It was a meal dropped around for us by a friend, and after I ate it I realised the corned beef probably had sugar and preservatives in it. I thought I was doing fine because I didn't eat the potatoes she cooked for us *sigh*. I'm still feeling hungry (or maybe just 'snacky'?) after eating even though I ate a pretty good size serving. Going to have a coffee with coconut cream and hope that satisfies me.

My church has organised to drop us around dinner most nights for the next week or so. I've told people that I'm basically just eating meat and veggies, but I'm sure I'll end up unwittingly eating non-approved ingredients over the next week or so. I'm not going to re-start my whole30 though, as I was already planning to extend it out for another 30 days at least, so I figure my second 30 days should really be clean, even if this one isn't quite.

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Glad to hear you've escaped the Day 3 blues - I remember sitting on my hospital bed crying into my cup of tea, it was like someone had opened a tap! :lol:

Haha yes, my first I was a mess on day three, don't think I'd slept at all since the birth, I was too paranoid that my baby would stop breathing!


Breakfast: Really hungry this morning, baby is feeding a lot more now. :) Beef mince cooked with tomatoes, onions, and carrots, two fried eggs and a big handful of rocket, followed by chopped pear, kiwi fruit and blueberries with coconut cream. Decaf coffee with coconut cream.

Midmorning: Black decaf coffee.

Lunch: Ate at my parents' house today, luckily they eat Primal so I had a great lunch. Roast lamb, roast pumpkin and roast sweet potato with steamed green beans. Rooibos tea.

Mid afternoon: Still at my parents' house. A banana and a decaf coffee with coconut cream.

Dinner: Crazy evening with the kids meant it was 8.30pm before I got any dinner. Had a handful of almonds and hazelnuts at 8pm while getting my middle boy in bed because I couldn't handle waiting any longer. I'd defrosted a curry I had in the freezer to find that it was a massaman curry - so lots of potatoes, and the massaman sauce had sunflower oil in it. So I didn't eat it and cooked myself 3 eggs, a big pile of asparagus, some mashed sweet potato with coconut milk and ate it with a big handful of blueberries. Was just about ready to strangle someone by the time I got to eat!

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Breakfast: Four eggs scrambled with chicken, asparagus and spring onions. Decaf coffee with coconut cream.

Lunch: Sardines in tomato sauce, sweet potato and beetroot chips, and salad greens with carrot and spring onions.

Afternoon: Decaf coffee with coconut cream.

Dinner: A friend dropped us over an awesome dinner of pulled beef brisket and salad. Followed it up with a bowl of strawberries with coconut cream. Friday night has been our desert night for a while, and I used to make home made ice cream often. The kids were really happy with the strawberries though - no complaints. :)

This was my first day I didn't feel a need to snack between meals at all - I only had the afternoon coffee as a friend came to visit and it was a social thing. This is a huge change for me - I've always been a grazer and assumed my body 'needed' food every 2-3 hours.

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