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Whole 30 and Type 2 diabetes

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Good Morning,


I'm currently on week 3 of my first Whole 30 and I need some guidance. My dad is a type 2 diabetic and unfortunately the disease has traveled to his eye. My dad driving has pretty much been affected since receiving shots in his eyes. So to grab the bull by the horn, I'm going to put him on the whole 30. i will be cooking his meals as well as my own and I've printed all the information provided by the website.


Now my knowledge with type 2 is very limited but I do know too much sugar can be a bad thing? So I would very much appreciate any tips or tricks for those with type 2 to help me plan his meals a bit better.

Thank you so much in advance

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Your dad is very lucky to have you! :D


You absolutely can make a difference. I went from being T2 Prediabetic to completely normal (thanks Whole30! :wub: )


Make sure he's getting his fasted blood sugar checked regularly (a portable meter is really useful, no waiting) and you should see drops in his numbers fairly quickly, maybe in the first week.


If he's on any medication, make sure the doctor knows about the diet change and any change in blood numbers as medication may need adjustment (and can make him feel sick until it's adjusted).


Rules vs Recommendations



If you need any help, just ask.

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