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This is my first time trying a whole30. I'm on day 15, and everything has been great. In fact, my appetite slowed way down to where it probably should be. I barely had any of the general "symptoms" coming off a high sugar, high carb diet, and almost no cravings...until now. All I can think about...is cheese. I've even been craving cottage cheese on waffles with strawberries (weirdest craving I've ever had), cheeseburgers, cheese and wine, nacho cheese...it's driving me crazy! On top of that, I'm PMSing. It's not unusual for me to crave dairy around this time, but since I'm not eating that right now (and probably not in the future), the feeling is much more intense. Plus, I'm bloated, I can't go to the bathroom for some reason (and no, I haven't eaten too many nuts), I have no energy and I'm cranky as all get out. Why is this all suddenly hitting me at once, why NOW, and what am I going to do???

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Karen is right, it is quite likely to be your hormones... it is completely natural for women coming up to and at their period to be wanting to eat more food... the fact you're craving hearty food like cheeseburgers tells me that you're probably hungry... there are women on the boards here who eat four or five full meals a day when they're at their time of the month. Increase your food... your body is asking for it through cravings. Make sure your meals are matching the template with fat, veggies and protein and try and get them to keep you 4-5 hours... if you're eating a ton and can't get that 4-5 hours, throw a mini meal (or full additional meal) in there... honor what your body is asking for (more nutrients... not cheese ;)).

You will probably also benefit from at least one fist sized serving of starchy carbs per day but I know again, there are women here who coming up to this time, will eat a serving with every meal....

If you would like, you can post a few days of what you've been eating (include portion sizes, specific veggies, fat and protein, water intake and anything else you feel is relevant) and we can see how we can help you tweak...

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Yep, cheese is a very calorie dense food and more often than not craving it is indicative that your body just needs more food - and interestingly it's a much more common craving in those eating predominantly raw foods so if you're eating a lot of salads right now switch it up a bit, or at the very least throw some cooked veg in there too.

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