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Not sure I can do this

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Hi everyone, 


I'm on day 11 and last night I almost had a break down and ate a bagel. Agh! I'm feeling better in regards to no GI upset and feeling lighter, however I am feeling very sluggish, lightheaded at times, and sometimes I feel like I can't think properly.  I know this sounds like I'm not getting enough carbs, but I'm use to eating small portions.  I eat until I'm full.  I do not like this feeling.  My body feels deprived and I feel like I really need to eat some more carbs.  


I am always hungry a few hours after I eat.  I have decided that my hunger is not a craving, I'm actually hungry.  Not sure why since I eat a lot until I'm really full. 


It's also really hard with two small kids at home.  I am prepping my meals so much I feel like I'm spending most of my time in my kitchen or thinking about the next meal.  I love to cook, but it's getting taxing.  I'm even having trouble with brain power to write this.  


I'm also worried about all the protein I'm eating and my kidneys.  I know this is not the Atkins diet, but eating this much protein is not good for kidneys or your gut, especially red meat.  I'm trying to drink a lot of water, but not sure if I'm doing damage in the long run. What are your thoughts on this?


I know I'm in a rough patch right now, and I'm looking forward to having the benefits of the diet and this so called "tiger blood", but I'm not sure I can make it there.  I'm also going camping this weekend and the thought of prepping and trying to figure out all my meals as well as the family's this weekend make me just want to take a nap.  


Sorry, i know I'm kinda grumpy and really not motivated.  I guess I really need some encouragement and proof that what I'm doing is a good thing.  



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Hello from a fellow day elevener!!  I am struggling a bit today too but for different reasons :) Here is some fairly tough love  ;)


Can I suggest that you post a couple of days' food on here so people can make informed comments about portion sizes etc?


Also, you say you feel you need carbs, so why are you not eating them?  They are not banned!  I need carbs too and I have potatoes carrots, parsnips, butternut squash and sweet potatoes as part of my meals  :)


I am sure your kidneys are very happy to see the back of sugar and other toxins that they were needing to clean out of your blood - and I have not heard of a surge in kidney disease since Whole 30 came into being so I am not worrying too much about my internal organs - just hoping they will all feel better without the coating of visceral fat that my previous lifestyle gave them  ;)


So, and here is the real tough love; stop making excuses, start making extra portions to go in the freezer, remember why you started this and carry on carrying on  :D  :D  :D (talking to myself here too!)


I agree that the prep can be a bit of a nightmare (and I hate all the dirty dishes!) but how about prepping double the amount and freezing where possible?  Also, look for compliant frozen veg - I use them a lot as they save a great deal of time and are often cheaper than fresh.


Just a few ideas from me - I am sure others will have more - 

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AL-30 - as Dawn says above, please post either a few typical days of food including portions and timing or a link to your food log if you're keeping one here.  It's hard to troubleshoot if we don't know what you've been doing.  This will help us discuss your lightheaded, brain fog issues.  You say it sounds like you need more carbs (yes, it does).  You also say that you get hungry a few hours after eating. How many hours after? 4-5 is the target.


That said, some people need a great deal more starchy veggie than others.  That's fine.  Especially if you came from a very carb-heavy diet previous to Whole30.  As far as the protein requirements, it's actually quite moderate protein and is absolutely nothing like Atkins.  The template suggests a range of protein; 1-2 palms of protein at each meal.  For larger people that would be larger servings and for smaller people, smaller. It's based on your body, your size.


There are a great deal of people doing this with small kids, bigger kids, many kids, two jobs, night shifts, out of town work, special needs family members etc.  It's all about prep and making it a priority and figuring out how to make it fit into your life as it is now.  Pre-cooking is almost critical to success but you don't have to make 7 recipes in one day. Just brown some ground meats, bake some chicken thighs, get some hamburgers onto the grill.  Steam a bunch of green beans and brocoli, roast some carrots and potatoes. Make some mayo and some guacamole.  Throw a frittata together. Hard boil some eggs.  Buy some olives and some canned fish. Even with beginner cooking skills, that should get you enough food for several days and shouldn't take more than a couple hours.

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Hang in there! I am now on Day 27 and had some rough days around day 11 and then another bad day on day 17. I was fully committed so I didn't give up and I am so glad now!

I eat potatoes at almost every meal. I feel better when I do.

I am not sure why you are worried about the meat intake? I eat way more veggies than I used to & about the same amount of red meat (but then again I have always loved steak).

I can totally relate to being tired of cooking & cleaning the kitchen! It's been my biggest stumbling block. I have 5 kids-ages 2-10. It takes a lot of food to keep us full every day. I get frustrated when (like last night) I make a big supper and there are zero leftovers. Makes me want to cry! I try to make an extra protein twice a week (like meatballs or l chicken salad) that the kids aren't allowed to eat just so I don't have to cook every.single.meal

I let them eat more junk than they should for breakfast & lunch (I am not superwoman & have to do this) and then our dinners are shared & compliant. I sometimes add rice or pasta for them but I do not make an entirely separate meal.

My hubby agreed to do this with me only bc he thought I would quit after less than a week! And now I am almost done! So if I can do this-so can you!!

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Do you have Well Fed cookbook? It's absolutely a lifesaver for showing you exactly how to make a maximum amount of meat and veggies for the week. Really simple and super delicious. And there is no shame in using frozen veggies, they are often even better than fresh because they are frozen at the peak of their nutrients. Your meals do not need to be Pinterest-worthy. Grill up a bunch of chicken thighs and burgers, bake several sweet potatoes, find some compliant chicken sausages and stock up on baby carrots, celery, cucumbers, peppers.


You can do this!

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To add to what the lovely posts above have said - stick with it! My hardest day was the 10th or 11th day, and after that, I felt better physically, mentally, and emotionally. Moving past those hard days was as much about wanting to feel good as it was about not throwing away so much hard work up to that point for me. You can do this, if you set your mind to it, and I'd have to agree with the "tough love" messaging above.


As for the kidney concerns... this isn't even close to what my protein levels were when I was lifting... you need to make sure you're getting your water right, though. Don't skip the water.

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