Lipton Pear Chocolate Tea


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I bought this tea today on my layover today in Paris. It's called Lipton thè façon Dèlice Poire Chocolat (Pear Chocolate tea).  The only listed ingredients are Tea, arôme (aromas), and pear. What do you guys think? Compliant or not? I am on day 19 and don't want to risk all my hard work over a cup of tea. Sugar isn't listed as an ingredient, so I'm thinking it's ok, but I wanted a second opnion. Thanks! :)

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Teas can vary a lot by country, depending on labelling laws.


In some countries tea and coffee is exempt from some kinds of labelling.

I'd probably save it for post-Whole30, just to be on the safe side (I've blown a Whole30 on soy in my tea and it wasn't worth it).


Pear is potentially the sweetener, so it could be compliant.

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