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Is it possible that I have accidentally put myself in ketosis (and if so, is that a problem?)  I've really lost my appetite, have found that I'm thirstier than usual, and feel a little mentally fuzzy.  I'm sleeping well and don't feel tired. Irritable at the expected times but not now - this is day 9.  I really struggled to eat yesterday and I know I didn't eat enough.  Today, I made myself eat breakfast and think I will have to do the same for lunch and dinner.

yesterday's food:

8 am - coffee with coconut milk

11:00 - piece of leftover salmon, 2 devilled eggs (yes, this was short of veggies - I felt sort of nauseated and didn't want to eat them.  Didn't help though, I still felt kind of icky while/after I ate this.)

5:00 - 3 large turkey meatballs in tomato sauce, spaghetti squash, handful of raw sugar snap peas, a few pistachios.  I felt better after eating this, but still sort of out of it.

I like fizzy water and drink La Croix but also just plain water, no other beverages (except the am coffee).


8 am - coffee with coconut milk

9:00 - 1/2 zucchini, onion, 1/2 red bell pepper, handful sugar snap peas sauteed in bacon fat, 2 pieces bacon, 1 egg and a few scraps leftover steak.  Aldo made some homamade taro chips and ate a handful.


I'm also having really loose or watery stools, though I chalked that up to not having a gallbladder.  Sorry for the TMI. Not currently on probiotics, but planning to add today.


I'd be very grateful for thoughts, reassurances, advice!  Thanks all.





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Sunday am - 

coffee with coconut milk (2 cups)

veggie hash - leftover cauliflower tots, jalapeno pepper, zucchini, white potato, onion.  2 chicken apple sausages.  A bit of homemade mayo/avocado/chipotle chili sauce on top. 1/2 peach.

not hungry for the rest of the day - didn't eat.



coffee with coconut milk (2 cups)

leftover steak, green beans, red pepper with avocado dip (avocado, lime juice, salt), raspberries, small handful raw cashews.

lunch - side salad of romaine and baby spinach, tomatoes, black olive (had to take teenagers out for lunch in a food desert)

dinner - baked salmon, roasted brussels sprouts and endive, handful red grapes


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You are under-eating to a worrisome degree. 

First, breakfast should be eaten within 60 minutes of waking. Hold off on coffee until after you've eaten as it's an appetite suppressant.

Make an effort to create every meal to the template (protein, veggies and fats) and to eat every 4-5 hours. Lack of eating breeds lack of appetite breeds lack of eating etc. You've reported 4 days of eating which should equate to 10 template meals (assuming lunch and dinner today are unreported as they haven't happened yet). 5 of those meals were probably adequate although lacking in reported fat in some cases.

Plate up those meals and eat as much of them as you can from all three macros (protein, fat, veg). Take it with you to eat again as soon as you feel able. As I said, lack of appetite followed by not eating just breeds that ongoing lack of appetite. It can also cause headaches, mental fog, restlessness, anxiety etc.

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Thanks Ladyshanny.  That's kind of shocking to read - I would never call myself an undereater ;) - but I'm sure you're right, especially as I look back over what I wrote.  I'll add more food today and refresh my understanding of the template.

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