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Preparing for a College Whole30


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Hi guys.

I have quite the dilemma on my hands. I'm starting my Whole30 on the 26th of August (two days before I go back to college). The only problem with doing my W30 during college is that I'm also on the swim team (where carb loading is a popular pass time). I'm concerned that I won't be able to stay properly fuelled and finish my reintroduction correctly when the time comes because after every meet its either pizza or pasta for dinner. There's also the issue of keeping enough carbs in my system to survive grueling two-a-day practices. 

For meets, I was thinking about packing my own lunches before the meets (maybe a mason jar salad with lots of carbs or something?) and snacks during the meets (dates + almond butter and some homemade larabars) however, I don't think that I can also bring along dinner... And bringing enough food for a multiple day meet is out of the question.

The other issue is that my campus is a residential campus so getting food from off campus is more difficult (mainly due to swimming and my class schedule). So making my own meals is an extremely rare possibility. At most I want to say that I could make it to the local grocery store once a month, but I'd be on my bike so there's that limitation. Also, since it's a residential campus I'm at the mercy of the dining hall and whatever they cook their meals in or "secret" (read: non-compliant) ingredients they sneak in. However, we do have an allergen-friendly line (which avoids all the major allergens) only sometimes they have legumes and other things that I personally just don't like.

I guess my real question is is whether I should attempt to do a "Whole365" (even though it's not recommended) until swimming season ends and then do an actual W30 after it does. Or what other options I have.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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> do a "Whole365" (even though it's not recommended)

> and then do an actual W30


What do you mean by Whole365? The 'not recommended' part is partly due to the difficulty of maintaining vigilance in the face of added ingredients at restaurants, social obligations, etc., but mainly for the need to learn how to "ride your own bike" (aka Whole30's version of the classic "teach a man to fish" aphorism) ...


So, if you can't reliably complete a W30, a W365 is out of the question regardless of anyone's recommendations.


I think you would be best served by eating according to Whole30 principles during the swim season as much as you can, and save the according-to-Hoyle W30 for when your lifestyle will be more conducive to it.  Personally, I would not partake in the pizza/pasta (gluten) stuff regardless if I was on W30 or not.

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Sorry, bad choice of words. What I meant by Whole365 was to do what you recommended. Basically eating Whole30 until I can't due to circumstances like meets where I don't get to choose my food.

I guess I'll try to eat according to Whole30 as much as I can and then figure out a better compromise during the season.

Thank you for your help.

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