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Going against the grain


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I did not eat grains very often before Whole30, and I never noticed any particular difficulty with them.

Also, I did not notice any problems when I reintroduced them, either for gluten or gluten-free.

Since then I have not much interest in eating grains anymore so I seldom eat any.

This week I am having a gaseous reaction after I eat any grain. This happens with both gluten and gluten-free.

So, I have decided to not eat them anymore.

When I wrote about having this kind of problem with legumes,  a person (Tom someone, I believe) posted an interesting comment . I cannot figure out how to quote from there to here, but he wrote about how the intestinal lining producing protective mucus to cope with irritants.

Question: I wonder if this same applies to grains?

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This applies to anything that irritates the gut - the body builds a protective mucosal layer to protect the gut from the inlflammation, and in turn that layer masks any symptoms the food might cause. When the inflammatory foods are removed for 30 days the mucosal layer breaks down so when the offending foods are reintroduced, you can see exactly how they effect you.

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