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Summer fruits going out of season in Northern Hemisphere. Help!


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Hi! I have just signed up for the September Whole 30 after having completed my first Whole 30 this past June. In June I ate, and have continued eating, all the wonderful berries, melons and peaches that are abundant all summer. I believe they were my "sugar dragon methodone." This really is a terrible, unappreciative, "first world problem" but I tend to find apples, citrus, and dates boring. Any suggestions for doing easy and interesting things with fruits and veggies that are abundant and in season through fall and winter to help cope with the dearth of summer fruits? (Apples & citrus-based okay - I'll adapt). (Frozen berries and peaches? Available, yes, but just not the same).

Also anticipating a bit of SAD coming on with the dearth of color, light, warmth and wonderful delicious summer fruit. Easy, colorful, depression-busting fall/winter fruit & veg ideas, please?

Is this  "thing" for anyone else? I always find eating healthy SO much easier in late spring and summer, then slump in the fall and winter.

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We are not much of fruit eaters, I'll buy one thing maybe once a week. But I feel you for missing the things like fresh snow peas, baby cucumbers, cherry tomatoes etc as they are so simple to use to build out a meal in gorgeous color.

BUT, with winter comes...........winter squashes!!!!!!!!! And soups and stews. That's what's getting me through! ;)

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Hi ,

This response will not directly answer your question as yes, it is coming to an end for fresh fruit however, I am anticipating the upcoming Fall/Winter

season as the time to start making some of the wonderful bone broths - casseroles - oven roasted veggies / chicken / turkey's etc that would have

made my kitchen/house way to warm in the summer.  Plus, looking forward to some yummy fall squashes.  In addition to eating them prepared fresh,

I plan to freeze some as well for Spring & summer  :) 

I tend to stay inside more during the winter months so my weekends will now be focused on making a few new recipes that I've been eyeballing.

Long Story Short - there is something unique to every season that I look forward to eating when doing Whole30

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1 hour ago, Tom Denham said:

We don't recommend methadone around here. Methadone sustains drug addiction and sweet fruits sustain the sugar dragon's strength. 

Yeah. I guess I'd say that in the back of my mind I saw that coming. That is the part of my question that answers itself, isn't it? It's the difference between the meal template saying "Occasionally add a serving of fruit" and my recent pastime of having fruit alongside protein and veggies at breakfast and lunch, and also as a snack (with protein).

I will bear this in mind as I think about improvements I want to make during the Sept. 5-Oct. 4 Whole 30, compared to my June one, and subsequent re-intro.



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