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Organizing all these recipes


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I use plantoeat.com. It costs $5/month, but you can try it free for 30 days. It has literally taken my meal planning from a 1-2 hour ordeal (looking through cookbooks, bookmarks, allrecipes, etc) to 5-10 minutes. I can import recipes from websites or type up from cookbooks.

I can sort by tags (paleo, primal, brown-bag are ones I use frequently), or by meal, or by main ingredient (type of meat, veggie)... drag recipes to my weekly or monthly planner, and voila! it spits out a grocery list for me.

I can even keep a list of my pantry items (I always have bacon, eggs, and certain spices on hand) so they don't keep showing up on the grocery list.

Since it is web-based, I can access my list from any computer to print it. In a bind, I can just use my iphone or ipad in the grocery store.

I know I'm gushing, and I am in no way affiliated with them, but I do love love love it. And I looked through a LOT of meal planning software before I selected one. This one was definitely the easiest to add recipes, keep a pantry, and create a grocery list.

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I've really been enjoying Evernote as well. Not only can I pin recipes from my browser, but if I'm at the dentist and flipping through a magazine and see a good recipe I can take a picture of it (tech is amazing, I can still read text from a picture on my ipod). Then when I do a search it will even pick up words in pictures! I do try to be good about tagging things like w30, pork, etc. but if I want to search for beef and cauliflower it will search through all the documents and pictures.

After I've made a recipe I will take a picture of it along with any modifications or notes and add it to the original recipe.

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