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Day 27 - Off and On Indigestion


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Hi there,

I am at Day 27 and for the most part I am feeling great.  The only trouble that I have seen is that I am getting the odd bout of indigestion.  I thought it might be black coffee so I started adding coconut milk but that doesn't seem to be it.  I do have Ulcerative Colitis and one of the best parts of this program has been my fabulous bowel movements :).   Here's a typical day:

Pre-Long Walk (1.25 hours):  handful of almonds

Breakfast:  Ground beef with spices, mashed potato (from the book with ghee and coconut milk), coconut cauliflower rice, topped with ranch dressing (admittedly a crazy breakfast but I make lots of these things and then have them available for whatever meal - and eggs don't really agree with me).

3 coffees: I regular and 2 decaf.  My first coffee was black as I had it from a coffee place.  

Lunch:  Romaine lettuce and spinach leaves with ranch dressing, roasted tomatoes, tuna salad from the book and some more of the cauliflower rice.

Dinner:  Pieces of chicken sauteed with ghee on romaine lettuce with ranch dressing, more of the cauliflower, roasted tomatoes and the cauliflower rice (bit of a kitchen sink salad, we were trying to get rid of things out of our fridge).

I follow the meal plan with generous sizes of the protein and good amounts of vegetables.  In the meals above, the good fat was the ranch dressing and most things were cooked in ghee.  I drink tons of water - I would guess about 90 ounces (and weighed 179 when I started this).

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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I also have colitis (a different type) and I have noticed that over doing it on coconut can cause issues. Is your ranch made from coconut milk? I seem to do fine in small amounts, but too much and ... ugh.  I have avocado with almost every meal for my fat  (sometimes nuts, but again, they seem to cause issues). Lots of raw veggies, same problem, so I stick to roasted or steamed veggies. When I have a flare up, I'll cut down on the coffee (even decaf) and swap it out for herbal tea (mint is my fave, helps with a sad tummy). Cold brew coffee seems to agree with me a little more than regular brewed. Not sure what your W30 diet looked like before the indigestion started back up, but these are things I have noticed in myself, might be something there you could try? Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to it, and it passes within a couple of days. 

Hope you get feeling better soon! 

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I'd agree about cuttin down on the coffee. Certainly for people with digestive issues it's recommended to be limited.

I'd also comment that in the meals you've listed you're eat a lot of cauliflower. Cauliflower falls into two problem foods groups - Cruciferous veg, and high FODMAP. I'm FODMAP sensitive and personally I can't stomach it at all. It causes gas, bloating, stomach cramps etc, even with a relatively small amount. If this is something you're eating a lot of in general then you might want to eas back on it.

What other veg are you eating?

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Thanks Everyone! 

I go through stages with the cauliflower (buy some - eat a lot and then don't buy it for a while).  I know that cruciferous veg are not great both for colitis and for my Hashimotos hypothyroid problem but I thought they were okay cooked.  I can back down on that for sure.  Tomatoes is another veg I eat a lot of and that seems to be fine (although I know it is considered a nightshade and an issue with the thyroid problem).  I guess I struggle with what vegetables I should eat (that I like).  This week I'll get ore 

But these meals were high in coconut milk and I am taking that in my coffee.  Sigh.  It's a drag that some things are working so well - my sleep is awesome - but the these things are still an issue.  

I am still quite tired - even after 7 to 8 hours of sleep.  I wonder if it is the vegetables? 

Thanks for all your help.  I'll do some adjusting and see what happens.

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Colitis is a total drag! I'm with you on the veg, it's tough.  Beets, asparagus, green beans, squash and sweet potatoes are kinda my go to's, but I've also been told I might be eating too many starchy veg. It's tough sometimes to find balance between "optimal" and what your body/brain/taste buds says it wants. 

Hang in there! :wub:

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