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Wedding reception


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I started whole30 recently (first timer). Tomorrow (October 15th) is going to be my 17th day. So far so good.

Here comes the challenge:

I need to attend a wedding reception tomorrow evening. I am in dilemma what should I eat at wedding etc.

If I do not eat, that will look rude.

Please advice.




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My advice would be to eat a meal before you go to the wedding in case there aren't a lot of Whole30 options at the reception (unless you already know what will be provided). Most receptions I've been to have raw veggies to munch on, so I would load up a plate and then walk away from the food. If the reception includes a sit-down meal, that's a different story...

Depending on how many people are there, the bride and groom probably won't notice if or how much you eat, though. I don't think I ate a bite at my own wedding - I was too busy mingling with the guests!

Good luck!

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