Multiple Whole 10s for long-term?


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Hi all.  So I did a W30 in June.   I've tried twice to do another, but failed at about day 10-11 each time, usually with a glass of wine.  I'm at my weight goal and very healthy.....and at this point I don't feel like I need to do another strict W30 (I haven't added in many of the dairy, no legumes, very little grains and sugar) but I'm interested in doing Whole 10s frequently, just as little "resets."  Perhaps a W10, then a week or 2 "off" and then another W10 and so on and so on.  Has anyone tried this and has it worked for you for maintaining your healthy eating habits?

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This is what is being referred to as "Food Freedom" and directly ties into Melissa's new book, Food Freedom Forever. Basically you decide what works for you and what is "worth it". You carry on, eating healthfully and with various items that you deem to be worth it at times that are worth it. If you feel yourself slipping, you come back to your reset (Whole30 in this case). 

My suggestion to you would not be to refer to it as "failing" when you had the glass of wine but more that you chose to do it because it was worth it to you right then. Providing you didn't spiral off into a bender of wine and chocolate, you can have the wine and then move on. That's food freedom! There is not necessarily a need to prescribe a specific timeline as you have above. If you are ticking along, feeling, looking and behaving in a way that is your best, you don't need to keep "resetting". You save that for when you do need a bump back in the right direction.

You should read the book. Melissa is way better at describing it.

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