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Whole30 Is Completely Different This Time...

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Hey Whole 30 Friends. I'm reaching out today in hopes to find some unique answers from the community. Trust - I've gone through pages of this "Troubleshooting" thread in search of answers, and it has become very clear to me that (unfortunately) every body is different, and there are no solid answers for any one (or multitude) of problems. 

Cutting to the chase - I am on day 8 of my second Whole 30, and let's just say it's not going so well. My first Whole 30 was basically a miracle - day 3 I was seeing clearer skin, less greasy hair, a pep in my step, serious shrinkage of my stomach area, great digestion, and more. Pants that hadn't fit me in months/years even slid right on. I never weighed myself but I could tell that weight was lost. It really felt like a godsend. I didn't even make it through the whole 30 days (stopped on day 24), and still felt like a new woman.

This time around, I have been even more strict and compliant since Day 1, but am feeling barely any benefit. I do feel energy, but I am extremely bloated at all hours of the day. I can barely use the bathroom without popping a blood vessel (sorry to be graphic, but you get the idea), I barely fit into my pants, my skin is horrible? My hair is greasy as usual...it just sucks all around. The bloating is really the tough part - I wake up in the mornings in pain with gas, but cannot "solve the issue", and spend my day waiting for it to pass but it...doesn't. I take probiotics daily and drink more water than I ever have in my life, trust me. Here's an example of what I eat daily:

Breakfast: black coffee, an egg "muffin" (scrambled egg, kale, tomato, onion, pepper, pepper, salt), a banana

Lunch: ground turkey with cayenne, pepper, salt, broccoli (cooked), carrots (cooked) (disclaimer: I have heard multiple times that broccoli, kale, or carrots could cause constipation but my rebuttal is that this is not an every day staple of my meals. This is an example of what I ate today specifically, but I didn't have broccoli, kale, carrots, or anything along those lines in the past few days)

Dinner: spaghetti squash with salt and pepper, chicken, tomato "sauce" with garlic, spices, tomato paste

Note: I cook with and eat olive oil frequently. I drink water water water and some seltzer each day, sometimes green tea. I do snack occasionally on raisins or dates but I am putting emphasis on "occasionally". I don't eat too many starches (seriously), I don't eat too many avocados, any foods that have been listed to create bloat, I do not eat on a frequent basis.

Another note: I ate pretty much these exact foods during my last Whole 30 and had no problem. Normally, when I am not doing the Whole 30, I never ever have indigestion or constipation issues.


Something important to say might be that during now and my last Whole 30 (about a month or two ago was when I did my first), I definitely pigged out. Drank a lot of alcohol, ate a lot of crap, etc. All in all, I just need some kind of answer or even short term solution? This is making my daily life quite stressful and upsetting, to the point that I'm wondering - what is the point? I might as well eat like crap if it actually allows me to be comfortable! Please help :(

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Hey there Annie!

Sorry to hear you're having a tough time!  Thank you for putting so much thought into your post and giving us some information to work with.  From what I can see you're definitely not eating enough (especially at breakfast).

Did you follow the meal template last time?  Really FILL your plate with veggies (of the non starchy kind)?  Because it doesn't look like that is happening this time.  

You report one egg muffin with what I assume are a variety of diced veggies baked in a muffin cup. That's barely any veggies, not to mention, eggs, when they are your sole source of protein are as many as you can hold in your hand without dropping... 3-4 to start for most or you can consider putting meat in your muffins of some sort and then eat at least two.  Add some veggies along side them in any case... 

I also don't see any fat in any of your meals.  Your lunch is the best meal I can tell with the added veggies but no fat unfortunately.

Dinner has no veggies :(

I would say without a shadow of a doubt if you get in there and add 1-3 cups of non starchy veg (greens, mushrooms, sprouts, cauli, asparagus, eggplant, zucchini, peppers etc) to every meal and additional fat (mayo, olives, dressings, avocado etc... as per the template) you'll start to feel relief.

For the short term, try taking the unsweetened Natural Calm magnesium supplement... It helps draw water into the bowels loosening up stool and the brilliant extra side effect is that a lot of people who take it at night report it helps with sleep as well.

Try these for a few days and then report back?


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Thank you SugarcubeOD - this does help. I haven't really heard the suggestion of eating more as a solution to this (throughout all of my research), so maybe that truly is the issue...I do incorporate fats (oil, avocado) into most meals, but maybe that's not enough. I will try to add this all into my diet and let you know how it goes! I also must admit that I haven't really stayed in line with the meal planning template (this or last time), so I'm going to read over it again and incorporate it. Thank you for your unique and helpful response! I feel relieved.

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