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I'm currently 3 days in my first Whole30 program and so far so good, the real challenge will be the weekend. I have tried some of the recipes from the book and they have all been great, the sausage recipe was lovely but it just isn't the same as the real thing. I love a fry-up for my breakfast on the weekend, sausages, rashers and eggs. I am living in Ireland so I don't recognise a lot of the brands in the forums of compliant food. I have 0% sugar bacon already sorted and the eggs aren't an issue, what I really want are the sausages to accompany it. I came across some Marks & Spencers branded sausages over here and I think they might fit be compliant. I have attached the nutritional information and I hope someone can let me know if they are ok?

Many thanks in advance and I look forward to your response



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You really need to look at the actual ingredients to know whether it's okay or not. The most common thing that makes sausage not compliant is sugar, but they could potentially contain msg or soy or even wheat products as filler. (I'm in the US, we don't have this brand, I have no idea how likely it is that these particular sausages contain any of that.)

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Thanks for getting back to me Shannon. I probably should have included the ingredients to begin with. They are

INGREDIENTS Pork (97%) · Sea Salt · Dried Coriander · Ground White Pepper · Dried Onions · Ground Nutmeg · Flavouring · Preservative: E223 (Sulphites) · Antioxidant: Ascorbic Acid. Sausages filled into natural pork casings.

I have attached the info of another brand of sausage I was also looking at. Maybe you could let me know if either of these are ok. Many thanks





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