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I am about to start my Whole30 journey and have a few questions.  I keep reading "Read the label".  I understand NO MSG, sulfites, and carrageenan.   But, it sounds like there is more that I need to be reading into on these labels.  What else am I looking at on these labels.

I know I am cutting out 'added sugar', but does that mean my label can have some sugar listed in the nutritional facts?  If so, how much sugar is appropriate? 

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Don't pay attention to the nutritional facts at all. Just read the ingredients. If sugar or other sweeteners are listed at all (even if it says something like Contains less than 2%) then you cannot have it on whole30. If there are no added sugars or sweeteners (or anything else against the rules), then it doesn't matter how many grams of sugar are in the nutrition information, it's okay to have.

Many items contain naturally occurring sugars -- all fruits, vegetables, and nuts do. So even if you buy a can of tomatoes that contains nothing but tomatoes, there will be grams of sugar in the nutrition information. That's okay.

There's several helpful downloads here:   Definitely check out the Guide to Sneaky Sugars, the Common Additives Cheat Sheet, and the Meal Planning Template. The others are helpful as well, but those three will help you get started right.

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When reading labels you need to make sure that none of the "non-compliant" ingredients are in your product. This includes dairy in all forms (eg, casein, whey, lactose), sugar in all its zillion names (google "Whole30 Sneaky Sugar" for a long list), legumes including peas and peanuts, grains including rice and corn, wheat, soy, alcohol etc as well as sulfites, carrageenan and MSG etc.

Basically you're reading the ingredient list to see what the manufacturer put in your food.

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