I fell off the wagon.. for 2 years!


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I successfully completed 2 whole 30's in 2014 and felt great. I decided to do a 3rd one in January 2015 and failed 1/3 of the way through (My husband's birthday dinner at my MIL's house. In the 11 years I have been with my husband it was the only time she ever made a meal that wasn't some sort of roast meat and boiled veggies. It was a casserole full of rice and dairy and I couldn't avoid eating it without looking like an asshole). I thought I would just hop right back on, but somehow that meal, the previous restriction and the time of year (I get pretty bad SAD) sent me on an insane pizza eating bender that has now lasted TWO YEARS.

I am now 20 pounds heavier than when I even started my first whole 30 almost 3 years ago (I was at a good weight back then). I got it in my head that I should be able to eat the things I loved that were 'worth it' and as a result I must have eaten at least 100 entire pizzas in the past 2 years.  Eventually all the other food crept back as well. The only thing I really kept with me the entire time is eating a compliant breakfast, because I found it kept my blood sugar stable all day no matter what I ate for lunch or dinner. 

I've tried to start that 3rd whole 30 again many MANY times but never made it longer than a week. Because I did reintro twice and know how I react to foods, it was way harder to stick to. My children are older now too so my social life has really expanded and there is rarely a week between outings or events that will have non compliant food at them. Last year my youngest daughter also stopped napping and for a year I had almost no free time to cook (she's extremely demanding). I would take her out all morning and come home exhausted and eat whatever I could. Once I had gained the weight I found myself hungry all the time as well.

I feel like I really need to complete that 3rd whole 30 and get myself back on track. My kids are both in full time school now (and I work part time) so I have plenty of time to cook. I recently bought the new whole 30 book and cookbook that came out during my hiatus and refollowed the whole 30 pages and people on instagram (I had to unfollow for a while because it was making me feel bad).

I can finally admit to myself that I am not 'okay' with gluten. It doesn't bother my stomach at all or give me any health problems, but I find bread and pizza very addictive. I can eat an entire pizza as a bed time snack. I can do every other food in moderation, but not pizza. But the thought of saying goodbye to pizza is hard too.

The only book I don't have is 'food freedom forever' but I'm getting it soon. Do you think it will help at all? I also started eating compliant today, but my husband's birthday dinner at my MIL's is happening again this weekend and I have no idea what she's going to make. I am wondering if I should just keep going or start that 3rd round (and finally slay it) the next day, or decide that day.

Has anyone else taken a very long break and been able to come back to it?

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Yup! I was looking and the last Whole 30 I completed was in 2012!!! YIKES! I have followed a pretty paleo style diet, and avoid most gluten. That being said I have been no where near perfect or where I was before when I started that first Whole 30. I, like you, felt that life is too short and I'm going to have the paleo treats and cheat meals as I please. I also have had 5 surgeries over the course of the 3 and a half years...I completed my first one in July of 2012. I definitely felt better, slept better, etc. Just didn't allow myself to continue the journey, because being social and "free" felt too good. 

I have a battery of autoimmune issues tendonitis, arthritis, and skin issues. This time not only did I jump in to Whole 30, I am doing the Autoimmune Protocol. To go from total freedom to the AIP protocol has been challenging. It's been 2 days and mentally I've wanted to quit a 1,000 times. I am a coffee lover and can't have it, I love pepper and can't have it. I keep telling myself it's 30-45 days and it's not the rest of my life. Hopefully I can reintroduce things that won't bother me. I'd honestly be happy with eggs and coffee. LOL! 

I think if you know the birthday dinner is going to side track you and that was your trigger before, maybe you should attempt to slay it. You're going to encounter that birthday every year. The key with Food Freedom, I'm currently reading, is that what IS worth it. Problem is you can't know what is worth it until you have some time away from those foods and reset. So maybe starting after with no interruptions may be better. ;) 

Best of luck, 


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How you feel about pizza, that was me with ice cream. And I'm lactose intolerant! I was eating it every single day, and not the cheap stuff either, the fancy gourmet stuff - it was costing me a fortune (and making me itch). 

So I declared 2016 the Year of No Ice Cream. And promptly got served ice cream "Christmas cake" on New Year's Day by my friends mother...  But from January 2nd I did not have a bite of ice cream. And let me tell you, the first 3 months were hard! It was summer and gelato shops abound in Sydney. But gradually I found that I didn't care that much when my friends went for ice cream after dinner out. And I can't quite remember what the appeal was. I know perfectly well that I'd remember after one bite though! So I've decided I just don't eat ice cream. Not worth it to me. But it took a LOT longer than a Whole 30 for me to realise it. 

Can you ring your SIL and explain? If she usually makes a roast anyway, it shouldn't be a big deal, right. 

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9 hours ago, GoJo09 said:


So I declared 2016 the Year of No Ice Cream.


I love the idea of a year without pizza. I am fine with sweets on special occasions, I don't drink and I can eat a bun, rice or noodles at a restaurant or party without turning into a starving monster. But pizza... oh man.

I won't say never again. I'll say 'not this year'. 


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I feel better knowing I can't just go out and buy pizza whenever I want now. I'll see what happens when it appears at a party, but just telling myself I can't buy pizza seems to be working really well. All my other cravings are usually for things I should be eating (like grapefruit or crunchy salads). 

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