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Anyone tried low-FODMAP + AI Protocol + Whole30?

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I have IBS-D that has gotten worse the first 2 weeks of Whole30, so, I'm reluctantly considering restricting my diet further. I know I need to give up nuts altogether and I should cook my veggies more :-(. I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to other restrictions too. Has anyone else successfully tried these variations?

Attached is a fantastic paleo +low-FODMAP food chart from Aglaee.

AI Protocol would eliminate nuts & seeds, eggs, nightshades

I'm afraid that the additional restrictions will make it so much harder for me to stay compliant and that the whole healthy relationship with food thing will get worse. On the other hand, I'm having really, really horrible stomach cramps and its hard to sleep because of them.


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Hi Kim!

Sorry to hear about your stomach pains. I too have been dealing with some autoimmune issues and I just got to the point where I was just tired of not feeling normal. I was ate regulartively healthy but wanted to try if farther to at least see.

I cut out all nightshades, eggs, nuts/seeds, all starches, and all fruit except berries. It was very challenging however I'm doing really good with it.

What I started learning about my body was I need to eat extra protein and fats (avacado/olives) to help the cravings and feel satisfied. With cooked vegetables there is soooo much you can do. I do a lot of sautéeds and use my base typically as onions, garlic, and mushrooms and it gives it sooo much flavor. I am only on day 15 but I can defiantly tell a different without the nuts. There are a lot of recipes out there just make sure you ensure variety with spices and different proteins and you will be able to do it!!

Don't think about how you can never have a certain type of food again, I just think that this is a 30 day challenge and I want to win! You can do it! Let me know if you need suggestions.

Good luck!

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Below is a list of food that could be eaten on this temporarily very restricted diet. The veggies list is really very limited, but perhaps I could live with just greens, squash and carrots? I'm thinking of doing this for the 1st 2 weeks, then trying to add in eggs (no more than 2/day). I know hard-boiled eggs have given me problems in the past, but perhaps some mayo and scrambled might be ok. The next re-intro would be well-cooked veggies on the no list.

My next step is to do some meal planning! I'm quite worried about sticking to such a restricted regimen!


fish, shellfish, chicken, beef, pork, game

[no eggs]


All greens, incl. seaweed

Zucchini, cucumbers, carrots

Parsnip, Bokchoy, Endive, Ginger

[no cruciform veggies, onions, garlic, nightshades or peppers]


Coconut oil, ghee, extra virgin olive oil, olives

[no nuts, seeds, avocado or mayo]


ripe bananas, melons, berries, citrus, kiwi

[no stone fruit or grapes]


Vinegars, herbs, infused olive oil

[no seed-based spices]

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I eat a very restricted diet due to food allergies. I can't do eggs at all, ghee/dairy, citrus, nuts, etc. With the exception of a few other types of fruits and onions, I eat pretty much like the above. And not just during a whole 30. It's totally doable. Makes shopping easy!

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@kim: your food list is completely doable! Just have an open mind and get creative, I google lots of recipes for ideas and tailor them to my limitations. Also if eggs don't bother you too much, maybe you can try just the egg yoke because it is typically the egg white that creates an issue for most. Just a suggestion.

@karen: I am very strict just like you. I'm on day 15 of the whole 30, since you can't have eggs do you have any good recipes or ideas you use for breakfast? Or just basic protein and veggies??

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The book Practical Paleo has a ton of recipes for those with more restrictions. There is also a ton of good info in it. I have enjoyed everything I've made from the book.

I have to disagree with this - I was really disappointed. For a book that claims to be adaptable for so many different needs, I felt it fell short. For example, every breakfast recipe but one had eggs... Kind of hard when there's a whole group of Paleo folks that have to avoid eggs. And some of the food plans specifically said to avoid x, y, z, but then had recipes with those foods to avoid in them without any substitutions. I made mention of that in a review on Amazon and the author replied that it was a typo, but that those foods don't affect most people with that type of issue anyway... Um, most people, maybe, but the people that really need to avoid it are the ones buying the book! To top it off, every recipe that I have been able to modify or weed out have been a flop, and I'm a pretty good cook! The flavor combinations were odd or bland, depending on the recipe. This won't be a go-to for me.

Helene - my go-to breakfast is a sweet potato hash. I buy an onion, 2 pounds of grass-fed ground beef, and 3 big sweet potatoes every week and with some coconut oil and salted just right, it's a delicious meal! It makes enough to last me the week. I just heat it up before I fly out of the door (I'm not a morning person AT ALL and am always late) and eat it at my desk when I get to work. Other than that, I've been stuck with leftovers in the morning and that just doesn't appeal to me most days...

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Karen- that sounds delicious! Do you just steam the sweet potatoes? Or do you sauté them in the pan with the rest of the stuff? Ill have to try this.

I don't know if you like cabbage, but I make a cabbage breakfast dish that I enjoy in the morning! You saute a yellow onion with cocnut oil, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar, garlic powder, and salt and pepper with red cabbage until soft then add a chopped up green apple. It's a sweet breakfast veggie!

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I just saute them in the pan with everything else. I let the onions wilt in the coconut oil, then add the ground beef, and when it's almost done cooking, I'll add in the sweet potatoes and cook them until they're just soft. I don't like them if they get too mushy and sweet. I find it works best with 80/20 ground beef rather than something more lean. The fat really adds some moisture and flavor to it. I hope it works out for you, it's seriously a staple in my kitchen now! The butcher seems to have picked up on my schedule & order, too. :)

I've tried cabbage but haven't run across a recipe yet that I love. I'll have to give yours a try! Thanks. :)

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Hi, I know this is an old thread. I am doing the W30AIP without FODMAPS. I have actually been grain/FODMAP free for a few months and I've always had a nightshade allergy. I wanted to do the AIP to see if it could help with some lingering issues.


I wish I could add more greens, but I am trying to max out the ones I can. I cooked a bunch of frozen spinach and will have it with my breakfast (sweet potato/pork fritters). Lunch is usually chicken with SP or BN Squash. I usually have some kind of meat for dinner with green beans or another veggie. I am looking forward to my next homegrown zucchini to have. I did get some reaction to one, but found if I peel the zuke before grilling, it's better for me.


It's totally doable. All those other foods sound great, but not worth the pain.


I do think there are some FODMAPS I could do in moderation, cauliflower for instance I've had a few times recently and it didn't bother me. But I am willing to do the W30 and then add things back in to see what happens.


Good Luck!

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