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Reintroduction Recipes


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Hey! I am on Day 30 of my first ever Whole30. I absolutely loved it! Does anyone have tips or food suggestions for reintroduction?  I have a sample of my plan below. Open to suggestions / comments! Thank you :) 

Day 1: Legumes
> Breakfast: peanut butter with apple

> Lunch: any suggestions besides miso soup?
> Dinner: Side of black beans

> Day 4: Non-Gluten grains
> Breakfast: gluten free oats
> Lunch: quinoa
> Dinner: brown rice

> Day 7: Dairy
> Breakfast: plain greek yogurt
> Lunch: cheese on salad 
> Dinner: Arctic zero ice cream after dinner

> Day 10: Gluten Grains
> Breakfast: whole wheat bagel 

> Lunch: two slices whole wheat bread 

> Dinner: side of whole wheat pasta 

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