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Hi everyone! I'm new here and this is my very first post. I am excited AND terrified to get started.

I have a good deal of willingness but question my will power. For far too long food has been my master and I it's slave. It's time for things to change. I hate the way I look and feel in my body. I am sluggish, bloated, uncomfortable and irritable far too often. This has to stop and from what I've read it sounds like with the Whole30 program the vicious cycle of craving sugar and carbs can finally be put to rest once and for all. Losing weight and/or changing my body composition would be an added benefit! Not to mention relieving physical and environmental allergies. Speaking of which... can I expect a reaction to eating foods (ie. eggs) that I'm allergic or sensitive to be a problem?

Does anyone have any advice as I get ready to jump in other than that given in the Paleo Solution Quick Start Guide by Robb Wolf? I know this isn't complicated but there are lots of little details that sound like they can have a big impact on the overall results. Plus grocery shopping (especially having to go to 2 or 3 stores) and cooking are not two of my favorite things to do. Any time saving strategies?

I have not yet made a firm 'goal to start date' but think I ought to asap. If not now... when? Right?

Thanks for reading this.

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Hi, my advice would be to read the book It Starts With Food, if you haven't already done so. Also download all the free bonus material available like shopping lists, seasonal produce, pantry stocking etc. (they're alll in the 'Our Book' section of this site). They're FULL of really great hints and tips. One thing I found really helpful was signing up for the Whole 30 daily emails. Again they're full of marvellous info and really helped me keep focussed.

I know just what you mean about feeling food is your master but, believe me, this program really does fix that. I have 10 bars of my favourite chocolate in the drawer beside my bed (I'm honestly not that greedy, I just had to order them online so it was cheaper buying them in bulk -_- ). They've been there untouched for nearly six weeks now and I can honestly say I'm not the least bit tempted and I'm in and out of that drawer frequently. If you'd told me that before I started, I'd have burst out laughing but it's true and it's fantastic.

Also know that this Forum is the most fantastic place to get your questions answered, I've received so much helpful advice from other members and the mods here - it really is a friendly place and a great resource.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "can I expect a reaction to eating foods (ie. eggs) that I'm allergic or sensitive to be a problem?". I'd say if you already know you're allergic or sensitive to something, then don't eat it even if it is compliant. You could always try it again afterwards to see if you're still sensitive if you wanted to.

Now, decide when you're starting and come and join us, you won't regret it, promise.

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I started by clearing my pantry and fridge. It was eye opening. (Apparently, I had a noodle obsession.)

I focused on foods already paleo or easy to translate or convert like pot roast, baked chicken, pork chops and applesauce, roast lamb leg, and my favorite, (Nitrite free) bacon. Then added to that repertoire as I learned more.

I make a rough menu and shop on Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market.

I prep food on Sunday afternoon while shmoozing with my children, their homework, and Netflix.

I make darn sure I have containers to package everything for all on-the-go meals, all week. (Geez- do my kids eat those jars and tubs?!)

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING= Remember to take your lunch. You can prepare it while cooking dinner or breakfast or whenever... but if you leave it on the counter, it does you no good. :rolleyes:

And, yeah- if you know you have an allergy to eggs- for the love of pete, ask your doctor.

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The Whole30 can't protect you from food allergies, so, as others have said, don't eat foods to which you are allergic.

Some food allergies may fade away after eating a clean, Whole30-type diet for a long time because some food allergies are the result of gut problems. A fully healed gut may make some food allergies disappear. However, this is a long-term development with a horizon of 6 months to a year and not something to test at the end of 30 days of clean eating. In addition, we don't encourage you to test your food allergies at any point. If you want to test them, we encourage you to talk with your doctor first.

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Thank you all for replying to my post. I have taken it all to heart but i have been proactive...

I ordered ISWF and should get before the week is over

I cleaned out a few cabinets and my freezer, the fridge is almost bare. (My husband has been informed of the impending change but is not participating...yet, so I couldn't eliminate everything)

I received my first meat order from Wellness Meats.

I picked up some pantry items and...

am excited but anxious because of the growing awareness of the grip of my food addictions...which ranges from sweets to grains to beans, oh yeah, dairy too! With all the support, guidance and information available here I feel like there's hope for the first time in a long time. I've made no concrete decision regarding a start date but expect as soon as I get the book it won't be long!

Thank you all again.

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